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  1. buuttttttt the gluten is nasty I always hated pasta and bread. I think I know why now. I see the gastro tomorrow, I haven't had gluten since Friday. Should I eat it today? I am still bloated after every non gluten meal..
  2. Ok. Thank you! I have an appointment Wed with a nurse practitioner at a gastro. I will take her the blood tests and see what they think. I started glutton free the second I saw the results. It is amazing how doctors can be so sure of themselves. I complained about brain fog and stomach issues last march and got put on Adderall... Probably why he didn't request a follow up...
  3. The range for the test i scored 35 on is 0-19. He circled the Tis. Trasglut Ab IgA (which was only 4) 0-19 range, and drew a line to "the American GI Asssoc. recommends thaat "in the primary care setting the igA tTga is the most efficient single serologic test for the detection of celiac disease. Evidence indicats at the additional inclusion of IgG antifliadin gastrenteralog 205:131:1977-1980 And then he mailed me the test results...
  4. Hi, I have been having constant D, bloating, and pain so I went to my doctor and had blood tests. Celiac Disease Panel IGA Sufficient Gliadin IgA Ab Out of Range 35 Tis. Transgult.Ab IgA 4 My question is what is a Gliadin IgA test? is 35 an indicator of Cealiac disease? What should my next step be? I still feel awful.