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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Well Darn It All!

    Thanks everyone and Frieze, that makes sense. What else would they use to be able to remove it easily. Duhhhh, wheat... I won't take the chance again.
  2. Well Darn It All!

    I have been getting along tickety boo for nearly one month on the gluten free diet and find it helps many things, despite my other ailments. Last night, however, my restraint was tested too much to resist by one lone little marshmallow Christmas tree on a stick that was leftover and had been calling to me . Of course the package, listing ingredients, had already been thrown out so I don't even know where it was made. It took only 2 hours for the gas etc to start up again.... . I was undone by my own gluttony lol. Who woulda thunk it could have gluten!?
  3. Eggs?

    Exactly! I likely do not belong here on the super-sensitive sub-forum as I am just figuring out how all of it applies to me at all but, I can tell you that egg sensitivity to either or both egg components, yolk or egg white, is separate for at least some ppl from a gluten allergy perspective... or maybe a predecessor or component for some along the way towards all this garbage. I developed an egg white sensitivity years ago (30) when I was pregnant with my second child. Ppl tell me I am crazy and that, as a heart patient, I would be better off being sensitive to the yolk with all the cholesterol. With increasing years, I have learned to trust my own body more, despite the nay-sayers. It is deifinitely the whites for me. In cooked foods it sometimes works out ok for me. I do not even tell the flu shot folks that I react perhaps every third time to the annual flu shots (that contain egg white) because, well, not having the shot carries more risks for me than the topical reaction/irritation. Anyway, I did appreciate the info from Scott R and wonder if he is simply reporting on a precursor or coexistent condition like fat intolerance or intolerance to spicy, grilled food in some ways (both of which I have had for many years). I still thank you all for your informative posts even if controversial. jan
  4. Gotta say I have always thought (in recent years after so many issues/errors/problems that somebody has to be "bottom of their graduating class in medical school" . I think I have had more than my fair share of those folks! My family thinks I keep picking doctors that are intent on killing me lol. I cannot understand any such motive.... I actually am a nice person lol. BUT I am increasingly assertive with these demiGods in the medical profession. Sites like this one allow us to be better informed and more collaborative in our medical care. That is a good thing. Sorry, I do not want to be a doc-basher but seems to me that the best ones retire or get burned out and the rest just keep practicing ('practice' being the operative concept). I had a nice supportive surgeon do my colonoscopy this week and yet he seemed to doubt (without saying so) that a gluten free diet would do much for me. It already is helping.
  5. How To Know If It's Really Gluten Free?!

    Okay, and frosties at Wendy's are gluten free? WHO KNEW ?????? Look and see, Dick and Jane, the new Wendy's convert!! Thanks guys. jan
  6. Yep. I have hypothyroidism, type 2 diabetes, diverticular disease (new dx), kidney failure (early, I hope) and allergies/asthma ( adult onset only). Stinks doesn't it? I think I posted elsewhere it is like our own immune systems are attacking one organ after another..... I already did heart and lung disease some years ago. Hope some things soon resolve for you to some extent, GKYgirl....
  7. Let's Be Trendy!

    You know, I am finally regretting that I gave up tv altogether nearly two years ago and avoided talk shows for many years before. Perhaps if I had watched I would have become better informed about this issue... Who knew I could still become part of a 'trend'? LOL
  8. Reflux Is Killing Me!

    Just google it. There is a website that lists almost all meds that are gluten free or not and I found it on a simple google search a couple of weeks ago but did not save it. I then dropped two pills from my daily regimen of 15 pills a day lol and already feel better with everything I am doing.... can't get a simple doctor's appointment until two weeks from now but, so far, I seem to be doing better with my own choices than he has in many many months... Good luck!
  9. I Am Celebrating Today :)

    You ARE so sweet, GFin DC and I sure liked your subject line..... TY for it all. My (D?) H is a twit so...may lose some threads here. He is a type I diabetic with dementia, major pre-eminent needs always, and considerable antipathy towards me, and maybe towards my own food issues... It is hard for me ro take charge of this dietary stuff. BUT, today was a good day. jan
  10. To Add A Bit Of Humor

    I LOVE THIS!!!!!! (caps intended). Saw the movie 2 ww\eks ago and have been playing the soundtrack ever since!! Maybe the best opera ever in a movie form.... Thank you!! j PS Have saved this for my comedic relief!!
  11. I Am Celebrating Today :)

    LOL, ty for your replies. I could not eat all of it last night! My tummy had shrunk!! Now I am back to having fears about eating anything else but hit another gluten free store today and found so many good things!! I am definitely a convert.... watch me go now, folks! Pancake mix, cookies, pasta, crackers....and GUM DROPS!!! What else is important in life anyway lol?? I bought berries and melon that I love but would never buy out of season!! TY guys for all your info and input. Where were you 30 years ago?? Even better news, The surgeon phoned me and said a gluten free diet is good because all he can do really for me, malignancy or not, re the garbage in my colon, is to chop it all out and I WILL not do that!! Wish me luck!! Also, he said, if it (the diet) is not working for me as I'd hoped, I do not have to sit on a W/L for many months to deal with it further. Warned me that the prep for my kidney issues is even more aversive as is the procedure itself for someone like me with all my issues to have a colon virtual scan. Soooooo...I choose not to. I will deal with it. Np. I now have cookies, crackers, cheeses and many many other gluten free foods now . I had fun shopping! I have few needs lol I guess. jan Ps I have now lost about 17 pounds....Maybe it is not a good way but better from my perspective..... have also dropped 2 of my 15 pills a day as they are not guaranteed gluten-free.
  12. Well, you have to stay pleased about the small gifts that come your way, right? I went for my ill-fated colonscopy yesterday after the typical three month waitlist and two day purge (much less nasty than 15 years ago when I had my last one). It went poorly in the sense that it could not be completed because there are too many diverticular growths blocking the colon to see all the way. That also made it quite painful and I was vomiting several hours afterwards. So now he wants to do a CT colon scan and of course I am allergic to dyes if contrast is to be used. As well, I have stage 3 kidney disease so the purging process possibly should not have been ordered in the first place for yesterday's scope and now will have to be repeated for the scan. I cannot believe how little info we are given by doctors and how we are expected to accept their directives without question! Thank Heavens for the internet! Most docs seem to hate it.... Anyway, part of the good news is that I called his office and refused to go for more tests until I have some of my concerns addressed. I have never questioned a surgeon on his judgment before but should have many times in hindsight. I feel proud . But the BEST part of the good news is that I went right back on the gluten free diet last night and went out to a restaurant with a gluten free menu. You know eating after a 2 day fast is great and I expected it to be, especially now my appetite is coming back (3 weeks now gluten free). I have felt sick no matter what I ate for months and months. Guess what the restaurant had? Gluten free pasta with baked cheese all over it!! I felt I had died and gone to Heaven. It was so wonderful and I slept better than in months and feel great today. I even went to the store next to the restaurant and loaded up on some gluten free itemslike pancake mix and cookies to try as I have been scared until now. Ate the leftover pasta for breakfast and all is still well. I am having a sunny moment lol. Hope you all have a good day.
  13. gluten-free For...3 Days. Help!

    Hi Dana. I am sorry for your troubles but encourage you to hang in there. I just joined this website today and am learning a lot. I am ticked off with my GP (PCP to you Americans) as he seems quite willing to order tests if I am persistent enough over several visits re the same complaints but nothing ever seems to improve. I do have a complicated medical history, having had emergency open heart surgery 9 years ago when I was 52 (like my Dad before me and my Mom who also died of heart disease in her 60's). Since that horror show, now they say I have asthma, diabetes, GERD (maybe not, I am thinking if I have gluten intolerance but Nexium helped my GI stuff for a few years after the cardiac surgery), COPD (true) and hypothyroidism (also true and longterm). I feel as if my auto-immune system is taking my body apart one organ at a time... So I am on a mess of meds and still feel lousier and lousier over the past year and a half. I have a longterm history of intermittent bloating, diarrhea, etc for nearly 40 years and it has been chalked up to IBS with which I am told I have to live. In the past year or more 'though, I have been getting almost no sleep because I am up and down with many many trips to the toilet with the most foul-smelling bms imaginable. My kidney function is way down (43 last month compared with 50 for several years previously), I passed a kidney stone in the spring, and technically my bloodwork puts me in the third level of chronic kidney disease but we do not speak of that; doc seems not to want to deal with it and blames it on my 'diabetes' that is not confirmed on A1C's but I am still kept on metformin for! Presciptions and tests seem more important to him than patient improvement... I how have one last test, a colonoscopy, set up this week that I have been W/L for for three months so I am going through with it but in the past 7 weeks, I have seen three specialists (one for a new issue, "scalp psoriasis" that I never had before and now have to use a steroid shampoo for!), had a full cardiopulmonary workup and 9 tests ranging from minimally invasive to a MIBI scan to which I had a 6 week allergic reaction (we figure from the dyes used). Maybe what should have been ordered was an endoscopy but I am fed up so am not going back to any doctor anytime soon. I live in a small community in Canada and there are no options open to me for another doctor. I have been having abnormal WBC and leukocytes in my blood and urine for almost two years, this time around, and my GP chalks it up to my being 'post menopausal'; that seems absurd to me. Then, just over three weeks ago, I was out with a friend and she started describing her husband's struggles with celiac disease dx and diet. It sounded SOOOOO familiar to me. I was at the point I was not eating at all really, just drinking pop and milk (because I have to have something in my stomach for many of these meds). I had lost 5 pounds each of the last few months (but could afford to do that). I started to try to eat gluten-free the following weekend so I now have just over two weeks on the diet. I already feel somewhat better. I sleep better and (TMI I know) can stand the smell in the washroom after I have been there. My appetite is improved. My gassiness out both ends is better too. I have my fingers crossed but am not seeking any more real medical input until I have accomplished a good trial myself with gluten free. My doc just pooh-poohs everything anyway. Sorry, I know this post is way too long and am happy if it is moved/modified/abbreviated or whatever. I just wanted to welcome another newbie and tell you that you are fortunate despite your losses and troubles to be learning all this in your 20's or 30's instead of in your 60's like me. A proper diagnosis will enable a better quality of life I am sure. Good luck!