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  1. Hi all. I LOVE Tinkyada brown rice pasta. I haven't tried it in a baked casserole yet. I would love to think I could freeze a baked pasta casserole. Has anyone got any experience with that? I'm not sure if I believe that it would hold up. But I really want the convenience. And maybe a recipe? Sandra
  2. Hi! I don't have garfava flour either....I just asked hubby (the baker, bless him). He uses half and half chickpea flour (hence the gar from garbanzo) and regular bean flour....... so I think to substitute for "garfava" you use: 1/8 cup garbanzo bean flour 1/8 cup bean flour (which is made with fava beans I heard) Hope that helps. Sandra
  3. Sorry, it was Linda (2boys4me) who posted the fish batter recipe....she posted it after including your breadstick recipe Carriefaith. Linda, how do you cook your battered fish? Inquiring minds want to know! Sandra
  4. Thanks Carriefaith for some great dinner ideas. How do you cook your battered fish? Baked? Fried? (pan-fried? deep-fried). Please advise. I crave battered fish. Sandra
  5. Hi Laurie! I'd love to get together. Sandra
  6. Wow, thanks guys! Keep it going...hmmm...gluten-free salami. Hickory Farms Turkey salami is gluten-free. I buy it at Christmas at the mall. I love all these ideas...can't wait to read more. (Just had a tuna salad sandwich...this loaf won't last long!) Sandra
  7. Thanks again for your flax bread. We made it today in our breadmaker and it was perfect the first time. Flavour variations on this bread would be welcome as well. Dare I suggest also a white bread? Cracked "wheat"? Lemon poppy seed? My husband is requesting cinnamon rolls and he totally trusts you to come up with it now! Even though I prefer pictures I understand there are some students out there who would appreciate the lower price without. My request is microwave recipes...they make travel, visiting friends, college, life much easier. I also prefer recipes that serve 4 rather than 8. And if a recipe creates too many leftovers (i.e. using 1/4 cucumber or something silly like that) I get frustrated. I prefer can sizes of 19 oz (sorry U.S. readers....if we could only standardize our cans?). I'd love crockpot recipes....any vegetarian ones that can hold up to an 8 hour wait? And vegan soups....oh and salads. I know we can find salad recipes elsewhere, but I think celiacs rely on salad more than most people....and salads we can bring to work for lunch (that are filling) would really help---and again, not salads for 20 please. I will be first in line to buy your book. And if the book launch is anywhere near Toronto I'll be there to cheer you on. Sandra
  8. Flourless Peanut Butter Cookies

    Those sound great, and really simple! These are my current favourite peanut butter cookies to add to your collection. I found them on the Everyday Food web-site at PBS. They have worked out every time. Here is the link: http://www.pbs.org/everydayfood/recipes/fl...ess_peanut.html Enjoy! Sandra
  9. I also have the Cuisinart Convection breadmaker with the gluten-free setting. I make the 1.5 lb loaf and use the medium crust setting. I haven't had to remove the bread early at all. In fact I once had to leave the house and the breadmaker went onto the "keep warm" setting for 20 minutes. I assumed the loaf would be horrid but it was fine. I haven't found any mixes to work well for me. Mixing my own is more affordable. Good luck with college. Sandra
  10. Hey guys, let's list our favourite sandwich fillings now that we have bread! I'm going to try a tomato, mayo, mustard, havarti sandwich next....this is bread Nirvana. Sandra
  11. Holy Cow! This is wonderful bread. THANK YOU!!!! I was diagnosed in 1985. Life with bread has never been this good. My husband and I just finished our first slices....now we're trying to remember what sandwiches are. Hmmmm....what does one put in a sandwich anyway? Bye the way, we made our bread in the new Cuisinart Convection breadmaker with the gluten-free cycle. The crust was amazing (we chose medium crust. For the gluten-free flour we used the Bette Hagman formula for gluten-free Flour Mix. We won't get a chance to worry about storage yet. Thanks again Laurie (Lorka). Sandra in Toronto
  12. Oh, man, I love Harvey's and I've enjoyed their baked potato so many times! Today the Harvey's staff said "Oh by the way, you know our baked potatoes are stored together with the dinner roll, right? Is that a problem for you?" My face fell, I'm sure. They offered me mashed potatoes. Not sure if those are gluten-free, does anyone know? Sigh.
  13. Fantastic gluten-free Cake From Ikea

    I love this, LOVE IT!!! Also, I love the little flag on top which says "Glutenfrei". I knew you all would understand.
  14. Home Made Noodles

    Russian ravioli. Wow, sounds great. I came here looking for a perogy recipe. Can anyone help? Sandra
  15. Lost Recipes

    Thanks! I never did find the recipe. We ended up using the German Chocolate Cake recipe from Bette Hagman's dessert cookbook (REALLY GOOD!!!). We then sandwiched it together with whipped cream (we added stabilizer) and ED Smith Cherry Pie filling. Decadent. And it lasted several days surprisingly. I think that chocolate cake recipe is worth making several of and freezing (in smaller amounts obviously).