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  1. Yerba Mate from Argentina is gluten free. A list of brands can be found here along with another 100 pages of gluten free products in Argentina. http://www.anmat.gov.ar/listados/Listado_de_Alimentos_Libres_de_Gluten_18_01_2013.pdf
  2. Thank you for your response. I am trying to get her to eat more full on gluten items but she is already seing that her body doesn't like them. When she was little she would tell me that some things would give her a stomachache and I thought it was because she was trying to get what she wanted instead. I did look at the university she's seriously looking at and they claim to offer a gluten free menu. I will get more in depth into it if she's diagnosed. She has been having a lot of GI pain, bloating and nonstop burping when her pain is worse. Her stomachache seems to respond to Prilosec. At this point I want a definitive diagnosis so we can move ahead and stop her suffering. She's going to children's in Los Angeles so I hope they have a better grasp on this diagnosis than your local GI.
  3. So my 17 y/o daughter has an endoscopy scheduled in two weeks. These are her lab results, they seem confusing as to a clear diagnosis. tTG IGA 5 - <4 normal Gliadin (deamidated) AB (IGA) 7- normal <20 Immunoglobulin A 298 - 81-463 normal Is this enough to call her celiac? I'm not thrilled about a possible diagnosis as she will be moving away for college and I'm not sure how she's gonna deal w a limited diet when she's out w friends. She doesn't like pasta and doesn't really eat a lot of bread but I want an accurate endoscopy result, how much gluten is needed to get an accurate biopsy result?