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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Yes, the stool samples are for parasites and e-coli etc. She didn't feel that diet/what I was eating had anything to do with my problem. The nurse commented that she couldn't draw blood from my right arm because my vein rolled over and was too small. This has never ever been an issue before, She said I was extremely dehydrated. I've been drinking nothing but water and gatorade for 4 days along with enough coffee to keep me from caffeine withdrawals. Thanx so much for the information. I'm assuming I'll get either a call or a letter from the gastro referral and Ill contact them then to try and sneak in an endo as well. I could also go the biocard method. They have a new name for it but I can't remember it offhand. It's $50 ordered online. I'm just curious if that would be a worthwhile way to go. thanx again. Em
  2. Hi, My name is Emily, a 47 year old female with no real medical issues up until recently. I've been healthy and active for most of my life. I just got back from my doctors appointment and realized I am likely going to be fighting an up-hill battle with the medical professionals here in Toronto. First I should give a little history as to the symptoms that have come up. It's all been rather sudden; in the last 3-4 months, at least the physical symptoms, from what it seems now. Diarrhea; the trips aren't so frequent to keep me going all the time but usually 2-3 times one after the other. Post bathroom run I'm wiped out, I feel as if someone sucked the life out of me and I am famished. I've had severe fatigue to the point of sleeping way more than I would normally, light-headedness, especially a bit after I've had to run to the bathroom. I'll stand up and nearly pass out. At first I thought this was all caused by a medication change but my doctor reduced me to such a low dose as to eliminate that possibility. I didn't really think of gluten seriously until this last weekend when my husband ordered pizza. This was last saturday night. I felt ok that night, but I did have a rumbling stomach and severe gas, which is one of those symptoms that has been around the longest along with migraines which I am still am not sure are related. The following morning I was so tired. I got up and took a shower and started getting a severe headache. By the time I was dressed I was very agitated and ended up flipping out on my husband. I broke some dishes and I seriously thought I was going to kill him. This is not me. This is not PMS. I've also been having battles with anxiety and depression more than normal. So by Sunday I was so sick I could barely leave bed. Was the pizza I ate the night before making me sick? I Started to think that perhaps all of these symptoms were related, especially after reading some of the posts on this site. The pizza didn't stay with me past noon on sunday and I felt much better afterwards, but again, I was wiped out, sore stomach, light-headed when I stood up and a terrible headache that lasted for two days. I made the mistake of eating a cup o noodles to try and at least eat something and realized too late that the noodles were made of wheat. The following day I was sick again. Same symptoms exactly. So on to the part with my doctor. Yesterday I made an appointment for this afternoon. I should mention that I live in Ontario so I am under the tattered umbrella of OHIP. Ontario Provincial health Care. First of let me say that I expected my doctor to dismiss my mention of gluten issues and celiac based on my history with her. Sadly in Canada when you get a doctor you tend to stick with them as it can take a while to find someone new. She already new of my symptoms from an earlier visit about my meds. In short these are the things she told me: 1. OHIP does not cover testing for any gluten issues, sorry. 2. Maybe it's stress. 3. You're too old for Crohns and cancer will not cause diarrhea. 4. Do you have IBS? Isn't that for her to decide? 5. We will do a blood test and a stool test and also order a colonoscopy if it will make you feel better. 6. When explaining the stool sample procedure she told me to evacuate in an ice cream pale and fill the sample bottles from there. Ok this one kills me. Anyone tried to fill a glass from a raging water faucet?!? So I'm like ok, this is kind of sad but what can I do. She had an intern check my stomach and then she sent me to the nurse for blood work. The nurse suggested I go to a homeopath and forget about tests. She thought I would have better results that way. SO here I am sitting here typing this not sure if I should cry or be angry or both. I'm not sure if some of these procedures are normal as like I've said Ive been very healthy up and until now. I hope this isn't too much of a mess. I just needed to get this off of my chest. I have to go find a suitable ice cream bucket and gorge myself on loaves of bread to prove a point. Em