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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. My doctor referred me for a biopsy but the soonest I can be seen is the end of April. sigh. I guess I just get to wait until then to find out if it's really celiac. Are there other things that can trigger a higher IgG number?
  2. I got the results in the mail. Here is what it says: Celiac gene pairs present? Yes Celiac disease possible. Consider biopsy. Gliadin (deamidated) Ab, IgA, S <10.0 Ref <20 negative Gliadin (deamidated) Ab, IgG, S 25.9 Ref <20 negative. Interpretation: weak positive (20-30) Immunoglobulin A (IgA) 147 Ref 61-356 Tissue transglutaminase Ab, IgA, S. <1.2. Ref <4 negative Tissue transglutaminase Ab, IgG, S. 2.5 Ref <6 negative Thanks for your continuing help!
  3. Thanks! I feel like my doctor knows very little about these tests and I had to tell him what should be tested, so I'm not absolutely positive on the results as I've only talked to him on the phone. He is sending me a copy of the results though. The initial test that came back negative was a "Celiac Disease Cascade IgA" which lists Immunoglobulin A, S at 172, which was listed as "negative serology." It appears this is the test they ran most recently, as Mayo was the lab that did it. http://www.mayomedicallaboratories.com/test-catalog/Clinical+and+Interpretive/89031 So it isn't weird that I've been feeling better recently while eating gluten? Also, since I did get the positive genetic test, this means that my little boys should be tested too, correct? Would I need to have them get just the regular blood test or the genetic typing?
  4. Hi, I had posted about a month ago and since then have had more testing done. My initial test, requested by me, was just an IgA which came back negative at 172 out of a ref range of 61-356. I then requested further testing since I was still getting no other answers and they ran the genetic typing which was positive. So after that, they ran more testing. My doctor just called and told me that my IgA still came back normal but my IgG came back weakly positive at 25 with <20 being normal. I'm now being referred for a biopsy. Is this typical that celiac is expressed with a pos IgG and neg IgA? Also, I have been feeling great for the past two weeks (on a typical, gluten containing diet) so I had convinced myself that it was all just stress and this result came as kind of a shock since I've been feeling so good lately. I'm definitely not as scared of the idea of celiac anymore, after worrying about other possibilities, but I'm just kind of perplexed as to the results.
  5. My doctor finally returned my call and I told him all these values that my test should have yielded. He said he would talk to the pathologist about it. Did everyone have these initial tests done by their reg doctor or a gastroenterologist? I'm wondering if I. Should just ask for a referral to one.
  6. That's all there was. The 172, the reference range, and the comments.
  7. That is exactly what I have. It is the lab results sent to my clinic from Mayo clinic where the test was completed. The quote I put in #8 is what was written in the comments section on the results.
  8. I don't know. Apparently that's all that was tested. The notes say that celiac is unlikely but that 10% of people will show a false negative. It says "if celiac is highly clinically suspected, consider HLA-DQ typing." Thanks mayo clinic?
  9. Updated post with test results. Immunoglobulin A, S value 172
  10. Thank you. I will call my clinic tomorrow and figure out what they tested. In the meantime, should I be avoiding gluten or should I try keeping it in my diet in case there is need for more testing. I have been attempting to keep gluten and dairy out of my diet for three days now.
  11. Hi, I am brand new here and hoping that some of you might be able to help me out with what to do. So my backstory. I've never had any troubles with food growing up. I've always been slightly underweight, but so is my grandmother and I look a lot like her. In October, I was training for a half marathon and after a ten mile run, I was just wiped out like never before and my stomach didn't feel right. Not uncommon for a long run, but it felt different. And it never went back to normal. I had days where I felt totally fine, I had days where I felt just bloated, gassy, and like my digestive system wasn't working right, and then I also had a few days that I was stuck on the couch all day, utterly exhausted with no appetite. I had a bunch of blood draws, stool sample testing, and an X-ray of my belly. No diagnosis. I saw a chiropractor and got more X-rays with no diagnosis. I asked to be tested for celiac and the blood draw came back negative. I had finally decided that it was all just stress and was about to go in and ask about anti anxiety meds, but I decided to first try an elimination diet. I'm currently on day three of cutting gluten and dairy (mostly successful except a few very sneaky things). I'm an emotional wreck, thinking about all the possibilities and the very real idea that I may never eat those foods again or be able to eat out with friends in our small town. I have two young boys and I'm not sure if I sold force them into a gluten-free diet or even if I should be trying that yet without a diagnosis. Any help would be greatly appreciated and maybe get me to stop crying. Update: here are the test results. Immunoglobulin A, S 172. Ref range: 61-356 mg/dL I have no idea what this means.