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  1. I was diagnosed with Primary Dysautonomia (Idiopathic Orthostatic Hypotension) first, it was a huge battle. I wonder if the Celiac and Dysautonomia are directly connected?
  2. Looking at both the replies above, my experiences are extremely similar to both of you.....the migraines and abdominal pain was insane. Like I would be having a perfectly wonderful day out doing something fun and just grab on to my stomache with these sharp pains where i could barely stand-up and not vomit at the same time. And I kept being told it was a bunch of stuff it wasn't or treatment didn't work OR worst that it was Anxiety, anxiety on perfect wonderful day out??? Really??? It was getting hard to believe....so glad i found this site!!!
  3. Doing a POLL on how long it took people to get a diagnosis for Celiac? ALSO, did you have misdiagnosis's? And how severe were your symptoms? Thanks...
  4. I really had to respond to this post. YES. I GET SHARP STABBING PAIN LIKE THAT ALL OVER MY ABDOMEN, scarey pain from gluten. Gluten terrifies me ust thinking of ingesting it and going through that pain one more time! I hope that helps!