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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Hi, I've been on a gluten free diet, v strict regarding cross contamination etc, for almost 3 years now. My antibody levels after being in the 80s or something went down to 6 and then down to barely detectable, my gastroenterologist is baffled as to why I feel worse not better. I never had any gastro symptoms ie nausea/diarrhea pre diagnosis, I went to my GP for extreme sleepiness, i'd sleep late in the morning, get up and then have to nap like an hour later because a wave of sleepiness would come over me and i'd feel like I needed to lay down or i'd pass out. After all tests came back normal I was tested for celiac as my mum has it. After going gluten free I thought my sleepiness would go away but no! Over the last six months things have gotten worse. I can't do housework or walk far without getting lightheaded and needing to sit down. I now have some morning or evening diarrhea (it's fine during the day). I've had heart palpitations but 24hr ECG and echo have shown nothing, and fatigue has become disabling. I've had to reduce my work hours and I still collapse exhausted after a four hour shift. I've had loads of blood tests (diabetes, thyroid, anemia etc) that all come back normal, also sleep apnea has been ruled out. I guess i'm asking if anyone knows what conditions could be caused by or linked to celiac? Other autoimmune disease etc? Or is it possible to be food related? I'm getting married in a few months and we've already had to scale back on the wedding day because of my condition. Doctors just shrug or say anxiety but I know there's something physically wrong
  2. Mood Swings

    Thanks for replying I do try to avoid cross contamination, I have my own gluten-free space in the kitchen and separate butter etc but will check out the thread as I'm sure there are more tips to learn. Im not sure that its gluten withdrawal because I was suffering mood swings while I was still eating gluten. It seems that nothing has changed since I stopped The cutting is something that I haven't done for years but I used to do it while I was suffering with OCD (I collect illnesses!!)
  3. Mood Swings

    Hi there I'm Lisa, 28, from the uk. I was diagnosed with coeliac in June and have tried to be gluten free since my endoscopy on 25 may. So far I have noticed no change in my symptoms which are extreme tiredness, frequent headaches, nausea and mood swings. I have another six weeks til I get to see a dietitian and all the doctors I have seen are useless so i thought I might aswell ask fellow sufferers who know more than the medics! My question is re mood/depression, see I keep getting periods of intense sadness where I feel awful and can't stop crying to the point where I have cut myself. But it's not depression as it goes away after a few hours or a nights sleep. I noticed today that if I eat t goes away immediately. Is this part of coeliac disease? Could it be low blood sugar? Or am I just crazy?!! Thanks for reading