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  1. I wanted to add that my younger daughter started eating gluten free at home since I had been diagnosed and changed over our house. Most of her meals (but not all) were gluten free prior to being tested 2 months later. I am thinking to get her retested, but How much and for how long does she need to eat gluten to get an accurate blood test?
  2. My younger daughter is 18 and leaving for college in September. I would hate to have her gluten free if she is not celiac. Does anyone know what "weak positive" means and if I should get more testing.
  3. I was diagnosed with Celiacs several months ago. I then had both my daughters tested since I also was positive for both Celiac genes. DQ2 and DQ8. My older daughters results showed >100 on t-Transglutaminase (tTg) IgA (o-3 is normal). She is now on a gluten free diet. Neither myself or my daughters have or had GI issues associated with Celiacs. My younger daughter got a 4 on the same test, which is considered Weak positive. She also got the following results on Deamidated Gliadin test: IgA 8 (0-19 normal) IgG 15 (0-19 normal) Her pediatrician said she does not have Celiac. Do you agree with this? What does weak positive mean? I just wondering if I should pursue this further for her. Thanks!