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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Similar results for me-- everything on the Celiac Panel came back as normal/negative but the IgG (ANTIGLIADIN ABS, IGG 31 units (0-19). From what I've read, that should mean that Celiac most likely isn't the source of my problems but the replies on this thread suggest that it still could be. Just curious what other tests might be recommended to further explore the reason for the eleveated IgG antiobdy? I expect to feel better once I go Gluten free, but my concern is that there could be another cause (autoimmune or otherwise). My doc is helpful but also doesn't seem to know much in this area. For those of you that had similar lab results (positive IgG but normal IgA), what other causes did you explore before settling on Celiac (or Gluten Sensitivity) as the most likely cause?
  2. So from the research I've done, it seems as though my lab results suggest that Celiac isn't likely. However, what do I make of the elevated ANTIGLIADIN ABS, IGG? Could that still suggest a Gluten sensitivity? Any other autoimmune tests I should consider?
  3. Just got my results...Hopefully my copy & paste job below will be readable. I'd definitely appreciate any help with interpreting these. Looks like I have a STRONG POSITIVE on ANTIGLIADIN ABS, IGG but negative on everything else. The BOLDED results are my doing to make them stand out. ANTIGLIADIN ABS, IGA Moderate to Strong Positive >30 () ANTIGLIADIN ABS, IGA Negative 0 - 19 () ANTIGLIADIN ABS, IGA Weak Positive 20 - 30 () ANTIGLIADIN ABS, IGA (NOTE) () ANTIGLIADIN ABS, IGA 3 units (0-19) ANTIGLIADIN ABS, IGG Moderate to Strong Positive >30 () ANTIGLIADIN ABS, IGG Negative 0 - 19 () ANTIGLIADIN ABS, IGG Weak Positive 20 - 30 () ANTIGLIADIN ABS, IGG (NOTE) () ANTIGLIADIN ABS, IGG 31 units (0-19) ENDOMYSIAL AB IGA Negative () ENDOMYSIAL AB IGA PERFORMED AT LABCORP BURLINGTON () ENDOMYSIAL AB IGA Reference range: Negative () IGA QUANT 172 mg/dL (91-414) T-TRANSGLUT (TTG) IGG Negative 0 - 5 () T-TRANSGLUT (TTG) IGG Positive >9 () T-TRANSGLUT (TTG) IGG Weak Positive 6 - 9 () T-TRANSGLUT (TTG) IGG (NOTE) () T-TRANSGLUT (TTG) IGG <2 U/mL (0-5) T-TRANSGLUT(TTG) IGA Negative 0 - 3 () T-TRANSGLUT(TTG) IGA Positive >10 () T-TRANSGLUT(TTG) IGA Weak Positive 4 - 10 () T-TRANSGLUT(TTG) IGA (NOTE) () T-TRANSGLUT(TTG) IGA <2 U/mL (0-3) T-TRANSGLUT(TTG) IGA as the endomysial antigen. Studies have demonstr- () T-TRANSGLUT(TTG) IGA ated that endomysial IgA antibodies have over 99% () T-TRANSGLUT(TTG) IGA specificity for gluten sensitive enteropathy. () T-TRANSGLUT(TTG) IGA Tissue Transglutaminase (tTG) has been identified ()
  4. I've had two blood Glucose leves over 105, the last one was 108 just like yours. Interesting to hear about the Test. connection. Apart from any connection with breaking down glucose, Testosterone is so vital to a man's health and sense of well being that I feel any man deserves to be tested if they have any of the symptoms of low testosterone. ED is just one, but it shouldn't be the determining factor to test for low test. as your doctor suggests. I never had any problems with ED despite having extremely low Test. (160 ; range 260 -1080ng/dl). I think some doctors shy away from treating it because they don't want to associated with all the "Men's Vitality" clinics that have popped up promising the fountain of youth with Testosterone replacement. There's some great (& reputable) information at the following link. I always find it helpful to talk to my doctor armed with medicial literature, publications from the CDC, etc. http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC2948422/ But I also suspect that any doctor who is apprehensive about doing basic hormonal testing on a 68 year old male who requests it probably won't be helpful or effective with treating any deficiencies that may be found. You may want to consider looking around for another doctor who take men's health concerns seriously.
  5. Here are my most recent TSH, T3 & T4 results: TSH: 1.05 UIU/ML (0.35-4.94) Free T3: 2.84 pg/mL (1.71-3.71) Free T4: 1.14 ng/dL (0.70-1.48) Seem like they're all right about where they should be? Good news-- Doc agreed to add the Celiac panel to my labs this week, so I should have results early next week. I do have a question-- assuming the tests show a strong possibility of Celiac, how necessary is it to go the next step and get the biopsy? Seems to be like if the tests show that Celiac is likely, why not just work under the assumption of a diagnosis and go Gluten free? Apart from giving close to 100% certainly, is there any other benefit of getting the biopsy?
  6. Thanks so much for the responses. I've just requested that my doc add the Celiac panel to some lab work I'm having done next week, hopefully he'll agree. I've been curious about Addison's as well, so I may ask to have some of the adrenal tests done soon. As for Thyroid, my TSH level is good while I'm taking the medication (around 1.0), but haven't noticed much improvement in symptoms. So many symptoms overlap with other potential causes-- particularly my main complaints of fatigue, brain fog, poor memory, and soreness, each of which can be attributed to my thyroid, testosterone, Vit D, and VIT B-12 deficiencies. More importantly, after treatment for each of those things, my labs are supposedly normal now but I don't feel any better (except for improved libido, which really wasn't even one of my concerns). At any rate, I will be going gluten free regardless after I get the Celiac panel done.
  7. Like most of you here, I'm several years into this health discovery journey, trying to figure out just what's wrong with me, going down lots of different roads. My doctor wans to wait a few months to do the Celiac Panel tests on me (for reasons I'll explain in a minute), which will be rough because I'm anxious to start on a Gluten Free diet but know that I should wait until after getting tested. I tested positive for lots of food allergies years ago, including Wheat, but I know that doesn't necessarily mean anything in terms of a gluten intolerance. I've been on a low card diet a few times and generally felt much better, so I'm aware that I have an "addiction" to things like breads and pastas and feel better when not consuming them, but up until recently assumed that this was due to a carb intolerance. I'm only now starting to see the possible "Gluten" connectoin. Here are my facts so far, all based on fairly recent lab tests: Diagnosed as Hypothyroid 3-4 years ago, take Synthroid to keep the numbers in the normal range (although can't say I've physically felt any better). Diagnosed with a B-12 Deficiency, now taking oral supplements daily and getting injections once a month. Related to the B-12 Deficiency, tested positive for the Intrinsic Factor antibody which led to a diagnosis of Pernicious Anemia, Went to a specialist, and another test for the Intrinsic Factor antibody was negative. So not sure what's going on there. Diagnosed with a Vitamin D deficiency. Now taking oral supplements daily. Diagnosed with a Testosterone Deficiency (38 year old male with the T levels of an 80 year old). Get weekly Test. injections and the levels are slowly going up. Also tested low on LH and FSH hormones, which suggest that the cause of the Test. deficiency is pituary related, although an MRI didn't show anything and that angle isn't being explored by my doctor. Elevated Liver Enzymes; AST & ALT have been mildly elevated off and on for the last couple of years, resulting in hepatitis testing (fine so far), lots of alcohol & acetominphen absitence for restestings. Most recently had an elevated Alk Phos result, so doctor wants me to get a liver ultrasound soon. Several other abnormal test results that I can't remember right now but don't seem as important. So I'm now taking an assortment of things-- thyroid and testosterone replacement, Vitamin D & B-12 supplements, now can't drink alcohol or take pain relievers because of abnormal liver tests, glucose levels seem to be slowly rising, and I'm sure there will be another surprise during my next round of lab tests. My doctor is very thorough and not opposed to testing me for things, which is good, but his approach seems to be to isolate each individual problem and treat it individually, rather than figure out what is connecting all these things. I suggested to him that perhaps there is an autoimimune explanation and he said he'd be willing to test for things like Celiac in a few months but first wants to monitor the Testosterone, B-12, and Vit D levels and get them stabilized. In the meantime, I'm glad I've found this site and from the research I've done apparently all of my abnormal lab results/health issues can be attributed to Celiac. I know there are other possible causes but I'm really hoping this is the answer and I can treat the root problem, cut out Gluten, and most of the other issues will resolve so I don't have to pop pills and get injections for the rest of my life. Anyone else out there have a similar set of problems? I can see how gluten related malabsorbtion can create the Vitamind D & B-12 deficiencies, and possibly cause liver problems, but I'm less clear on how Celiac can cause hormone imbalances.