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  1. I'm new to all this too. I have had stomach issues for about 4 years, though, and thought it was my gallbladder. Everyone keeps saying the pain from the gallbladder is upper right quadrant, though, and mine seems to start on the left side of my body. It's almost as if a balloon blows up in my stomach and tries to continue to blow up. Sometimes if I catch it early enough with GasX and lots of water, I don't have tremendous pain, but yesterday i had a really bad bout that kept getting better and worse. I took a Vicodin which seems to help the pain and it took the edge off enough for me to think that was the end of it. But, oh no. I ate a slice of sourdough bread and the pain returned...with a vengeance! That's what got me to thinking that it might be a gluten intolerance. I haven't been diagnosed because I don't have insurance nor money to go the dr route. I went about 3 years ago to a gastroenterologist and he did some liver enzyme tests and told me that the next time I came in, he'd have to do other tests. So, I didn't do anything and I keep having these horrible stomach issues about once every month or two. Since I thought it was gallbladder, I cut out red meat and fried foods, but that apparently hasn't helped since I had the pain yesterday. Do you know of anyone else who thought the pain might be gallbladder?