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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. thank you for that suggestion!! after looking into it though i dont think CRPS/RSD fit my symptoms. my guess is the same as yours when it comes to the temp changes with anemia. ive been gluten-free for about 2 weeks now and the only thing that has really improved is my digestion. my stool is more solid now (used to have craZy diarrhea nearly every time i ate). thats a pretty good improvement, right??
  2. i got more testing done including the ones suggested here. these are the results: thyroglobulin antibodies <20 (normal) thyroglobulin 36.6 ng/ml (abnormal, range 2.0-35.0) TSH (normal) T4, free (normal) T3, Total 75 ng/dl (abnormal, range 76-181 vitamin D, Total 26 (abnormal, range 30-100) I AM SO CONFUSED!!!!!!!!
  3. thank you every body!! im getting more help on here than i have with any of the doctors i've recently seen. truly appreciate it :]]
  4. right now im going gluten free. as for dairy, i think ill hold off on that for now. i honestly dont eat too much dairy except for greek yogurt and cheese (very occasionally), so i dont think its something prominent enough in my diet to be causing all these problems. foods with gluten, however, were very prominent so im starting there. thank you SO much for your insight
  5. WOW thank you for that information!! i do have all my results. heres the info i have: -TTG antibody, IGA -IGA -HLA-DQ2, A1, DQB1 -immunoglobulin A -thyroid peroxidase antibodes all of the above came back negative/normal. my vitamin D has not been tested. from what i see on the report thats all the tested and based on the things you listed, it wasnt enough. even with my thyroid, it looks like it was just the "general" test. no TSH, Free T4, Free T3. i have a full body bone scan this week. ive decided to start the gluten free diet regardless. im only on my second day so its much too early to tell anything, but im committed to it 100%. it would be comforting to see something on paper validating everything. this is all so exhausting!!
  6. i'm 23 years old. ive been to 5 different doctors and no one can figure out whats going on. here are my symptoms -high ANA -joint pain throughout my entire body -hair loss -inconstant stool -one hand cold while the other is warm -in and out of anemia for quite some time -extremely low iron stores -low b12 -foggy mind ive tested negative for -lupis -rheumatoid arthritis -sjogrens ive taken multiple xrays all which have some back normal, and my foot got so swollen last weekend that i could not walk for 3 days. they did test for celiacs and it came back negative. however, ive done SO much of my own research, and ive found that those symptoms are common for people with a gluten intolerance. ive also found and heard that 7/10 times the test is a false negative?? im honestly so confused and in so much pain. i feel miserable. if anyone has any insight i'd really appreciate it.