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  1. Gluten Free baked goods making me sick

    Is there any way to get a LIKE button for posts? (or is there one & I'm too thick to see it??) ;)
  2. We have a mixed kitchen. I've color coded the gluten-free items RED. Mostly my husband eats gluten-free at home but he gets "real" sandwiches for lunch (sometimes). He did try the gluten-free bread (God bless him!) The only real "gluten eaters" in the house (besides husbands sometimes lunches) are my daughter & her hubby. But she does that cooking & clean up herself. My 20 y/old son also has Celiac. I got the diagnosis to help him out. Once I was diagnosed, we got him into the Doc's & sure enough *BAM* he has it, too :(
  3. I feel like I am drowning.

    Gee, "Let's order this test but not give the patient the results" Said NO conscientious Doctors office, EVER!!! Just curious, have you fired them? I have a unique perspective: the first GI Doctor I went to who told me "I will NOT diagnose you with Celiac Disease because I cannot treat Celiac Disease" and this moron is actually a graduate of 2 very prestigious colleges (undergrad/med school). He went so far as to lie to me to withhold the freakin' results of the 2 (that's right, he took only TWO) biopsies he took when he did the endoscopy that I demanded & he "allowed" because I agreed to a colonoscopy as well! I did fire them and was able to have those biopsies read at the Jacksonville Mayo Clinic. As others have said, grieving is a very real part of this process! Networking & reaching out to others with this disease will also help you feel not so alone. There are many good books (Jennifer Espinoza wrote one: http://www.amazon.com/Jennifers-Way-Journey-Disease--What-Doctors/dp/0738218413/ref=sr_1_1?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1447162114&sr=1-1&keywords=jennifers+way&pebp=1447162113301&perid=1HDX6J6GV13579J59TT7 & here's another: http://www.amazon.com/Gluten-My-Bitch-Ridiculousness-Gluten-Free/dp/1617691577/ref=sr_1_1?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1447162198&sr=1-1&keywords=gluten+is+my+b%$@#&pebp=1447162198645&perid=0N3TN1Q3BDET6GNRHSH1 As well as some really informative blogs: http://glutendude.com/
  4. Test results -Family/Friends Relations

    DANG-NABBIT! I HATE BULLIES AND MEANIES! Into that category I put EVERYONE who seems to think it is THEIR job to judge me or make me have to justify myself. Be it the Celiac, Aspergers (a "defunct" form of Autism that I was diagnosed with mid-life) or this new problem [Ankylosing Spondylitis] my sisters and brothers have ALL been less than loving to me. My whole freaking family bullied me for a LOOOOONG time. One brother branded me a HYPOCHONDRIAC. Despite the fact that I'd worked my entire freakin' life until crap started happening! That's actually how I came to the name I use here & in a few other places "MsMarginalized". At first I felt sorry for myself. Then, when I got the final diagnosis' that did validate all the crazy crap I have been going through, I cut them all out of my life. Now I feel as if I've earned the title through a prize-fight Life is just too short to put up with bulls$#&. I have enough of it with my medical problems, I don't need it from the people in my life. So I have chosen to surround myself with supportive, loving people. I'll let the judgement come once I die.
  5. {{{{{{Karen}}}}}} (those are hugs). I am so sorry that what should be a joy turns your life into such a tragedy! One other (possibly drastic) suggestion? What if you go visit the grandkids instead from now on? You know what you need to do for your health. Even now (3 years after my own diagnosis) my husband slips and tries to kiss me after work (and after his 2 sandwich lunch). He just wants some sugar and in NO WAY wants to get me sick. He just forgot.
  6. This disease is SOOOO frustrating in so many ways: The sheer cost of "gluten free" alternative foods. The run around we get from family, friends and restaurant employees. The time we spend in the bathroom fighting cramps, in a darkened room fighting one of "those" headaches. The grieving we go through every time a Papa John's/Dunkin Donuts/Pillsbury/Keebler/Oreo commercial comes on. Then there are the commercials that poke fun at "gluten free" eating (Holiday Inn and Audi come to mind right off the bat). And let's not even mention the lunk-head celebrities who think gluten-free eating is a good weight loss fad diet! The fact is there IS another medical test you can request from a Doctor. It's kind of costly, though. The genetic testing will show if you have the Celiac markers. The question is: should you pursue a medical diagnosis? ABSOLUTELY! Why? Validation. The fact is, you DO NOT KNOW FOR SURE. Yes, you do have a reasonable hypothesis. You even have 99.99% positive results from eating gluten free. But the practice of medicine is an ART and not SCIENCE. American Doctors are SOOOOO far behind on the curve with Celiac disease! They didn't even routinely test for it even 15 years ago (& some won't even, now!) Why? Because they were under the impression that it was "a wasting disease" so, to have it, the patient HAD to be emaciated by definition. And most Americans are NOT. I hope my post helps you & anyone else in the future reading it. It really is important to know for sure, and The ONLY way to know for certain IS by medical testing.
  7. I know, in a *perfect* world, I would be able to have a gluten-free kitchen for my 19 y/old son (& me). But I'm married & our daughter and her s/o also live with us...so we have the oxymoron of a mixed kitchen. My Celiac isn't so bad. My son....he gets sick looking at their loaf of bread (or at least it SEEMS that way!) I've separated everything I can think of. Their toaster & ours. Their pots/pans & ours. Their dishes & ours. Their cooking utensils & ours. Their eating utensils (for glutened food, it's plastic ware that gets thrown out) and ours. I've wondered for a long time (& asked wherever/whenever I can) does it matter if something glutened gets into the dishwasher with the gluten-free stuff? What if the dishwasher does a load of glutened stuff & then gluten-free stuff? Handwashing we do in separate basins at separate times & THAT is when all glutened stuff gets washed right now. So, the dishwasher....does it matter?
  8. Travel

    For what it's worth, both my son & I "washed out" of the Alvine phase III test of the new Celiac drug, what a pain it is to go through all that to be dropped because we are "TOO HEALTHY". Guess what? If you go look in depth on the U.S. government website that covers drug testing & see what they are testing...and read the labels on the commercially available now supplements...it's the same! Phase I & II did show promise and there's a reason it's into the end of Phase III. I just SHUDDER to think what the co$t of THAT Rx is gonna be!
  9. Military And Celiac

    The U.S. Military is a bit of an anomaly. They say they want the best & will help their troops....but it ain't always so! I was in a Celiac Support group. One of our members was an Army reserve officer on active duty. He just got diagnosed and was having a dickens of a time with rations out in the field. Everything seems to rotate around WHEAT for the U.S. Army. A lot of the MRE's are pasta based and then when they shipped in "fresh" food, it was often.....SANDWICHES. He told us about one female enlisted soldier who pressed the diet issue and received a discharge. He was bidding his time, hoping to be able to climb the chain of command and help real change happen. I don't attend that group anymore, so I don't know how he's doing with it. edited to add: I guess this falls into the beyond diagnosis into life situations category, sorry if it's posted in the wrong place.
  10. Anxiety/recovery

    Wow, y'all! I'm fortunate that I've not had the panic attacks you describe, but then again, I've had major depressive disorder for over 20 years. I just finished Jennifers Way by Jennifer Esposito. She describes her panic attacks and other issues that went hand-in-hand with her un-diagnosed (& then newly diagnosed) Celiac. I realize how Celiac is a RANGE (maybe like Autism?) my Celiac can be bad when I get gluttened but not to the degree that some folks have. Maybe some of the things Jennifer does & has found can help? (if we are allowed to put in links, I would put in one over to amazon.com....that's where I got a kindle version of her book) some forums I've been on don't allow that & I'm too new here to rock any boats.....
  11. New At This...

    Education is the best advice ever. Just be careful where you get it from. I just finished reading Jennifers Way by Jennifer Esposito. Another good author is Elizabeth Hasselbeck. Your public library probably has most (if not all) of Elizabeths books (she has a few). There is a lot here on line, too. Just be careful. My 2cents for your first little bit of time after diagnosis: shop the outside of your grocery store. Fresh fruits & vegs., fresh meat, seafood. Lightly steam the vegs & don't over-do the heavy fiber ones. Be careful with dairy...sometimes folks find that they are sensitive at first because of the damage done by the disease. I'm lucky that there's a gluten-free bakery w/in 30 miles of my home. If there's not one near you, poke around here at the Glutenfree mall. Also check out same brand items on Amazon/other on-line retailers. Good luck & God bless. edited to add: there are a few gluten free bloggers out there...poke around them. Some aren't my cup of tea, but since you can read their previous postings, you can see which one's know what they're talking about.
  12. Burts Bees lip balms are all gluten-free as far as I know. I've also found that the higher end department store stuff is all going gluten-free now (but who can afford $35-$50 a tube for lipstick???) I had an extraordinarily BAD reaction to hair coloring right before my diagnosis. I used that as an excuse to stop coloring my hair. I'm glad I did, the money I'm saving from THAT is just going into EVERYTHING ELSE I have to do gluten-free! Like others have said, the Celiac reaction is in your gut...so supposedly only if the item is going into your mouth somehow will it "matter". I've found that RETAIL THERAPY helps me sometimes and getting into the habit of reading labels & looking for gluten-free is only a good thing. If it makes you feel better, then do it. It can't hurt for something to be gluten-free if it doesn't have to be but can REALLY hurt if it's not and it needs to be!
  13. From my understanding, the alcohol does denature the bonds in the peptides. I do not remember where I learned that, so I cannot state any source, sorry.
  14. After You Cook gluten-free

    I didn't have any re-checks....DS had one at 3 months, 6 months & 1 year. Yes, I know he is not eating outside of the house (he refuses to). About eating at school, what I meant was that he sits down the table from his friends, with space between them & him (but that is not very often, he usually waits to get home to eat.)
  15. Beer contains alcohol/it is not pure alcohol. IIRC, depending on the beer, the alcohol content can be from 2% to 12%. The alcohol I am speaking of would be pure alcohol. Rubbing alcohol will denature gluten on cookware.