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  1. Hi Alannah! I'm 22 and got diagnosed roughly 2 years ago. I have a similar story to you and found out rather quickly what was going on with my body. The only big difference was that both my grandfather and father have celiac disease so I think in my case the gene was probably very strong. My story probably started after I got home from studying abroad (where I ate tons of bread) and I was feeling so sick and bloated on top of other symptoms. I honestly thought that I had caught a really bad bug at first and was following the BRAT diet to try to get better. Little did I know that was definitely making things worse. Thankfully I was able to see a gastroenterologist who did the blood work and an endoscopy within a couple of weeks which confirmed that I had Celiac disease. The first year is probably the toughest especially at our age where going out to eat and drink is the norm but it definitely gets easier once you find places that you know are safe.