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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Jamba Juice/starbucks

    Jamba juice has a list of gluten free items. Everything by ingredient, very through. Surprisingly there soy milk is not gluten free. Whey protein is.
  2. Glutened...or Paranoid?

    You were glutened. I have celiac, diagnosed 6months ago. Sounds like you caught yours early because of how you describe your symptoms. I did not have digestive problems for a long time but eventually did. The way you describe what happened describes many months for me until finally diagnosed. I would say don't try to figure it out because you can't. Anytime you eat in a group setting you increase you chance just because there is more people. I tell my family not to make something for me because there is always someone there that is a "picker"...they gotta try everything, and they use the same spoon. I have watched my family accidentally cross contaminate my gluten free meals. Their response is sorry and I am done eating. And these are the ones I saw. So that is a gluten hang over, it is real and I still get it. I also think you can refuse the symptoms with water and electrolytes'
  3. Oatmeal?

    I have had to completely removed oats as a meal. Even the gluten free. I do eat them when as an ingredient in my wife's meatloaf though. I have read that it is possible for oats to cause a reaction in celiac's which I am one of. Think there is a protein similar to gluten. In time I will try again. But probably limit them. I still struggle with many foods cause I was really sick before diagnosed and I don't want to feel like that again. Nothing tasted so good that I was willing to chance a reaction. So if you are not sure cut if from your diet. Than add it again later. Only make one addition to your diet at a time, speaking from experience on that one.
  4. Dyshidrosis Connections?

    I would get similar "blisters" on my hand before diagnosed with celiac. Doc thought it was eczema's and gave me a cortisone creams which did help.once I changed my diet and cut gluten I rarely get them now. The more I reduce my antibodies' the less frequent it appears.
  5. I have recently been diagnosed with celiac. Many doctors visits leading to the diagnosis all for the wrong thing. I get very itchy when I have a reaction. I will prevent me from sleeping it's so bad. I would also get some skin reaction but no full on rashes. Once I cut gluten thing improved drastically. But even as I write this I am once again struggling with itching. I also think partly because I finally figured out that I was chronically dehydrated because of the damage to my intestines. To counter that I started salt tablet and pedialite in addition to water which helped alot. Many of my diagnosis were as a result of web research. My doctor has been very supportive as well. I inform him of everything I do because it seems like there are dangers to everything including drinking too much water without adding electrolytes.