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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Da Luciano

    This is a great restaurant - I recommend anyone who has celiac in IL to check it out. The food is excellent and it's a wonderful family business.
  2. Usa Today

    I believe the article also mentions a great gluten-free restaurant in Chicago. They have amazing italian dishes, all gluten free. I just finished some of their Tiramisu.
  3. Starbucks Confused?

    just don't make the mistake I made... I drank the Double Chocolate Chip fraps. everyday for a week before I realized they had gluten in them! Dumb on my part.
  4. What Do You Do?

    What I normally do (and I know at times I do take the risk of CC) is I let the waiter/waitress know that I am allergic to anything containing wheat, and if there is any way they can make sure my food doesn't come in contact with any bread, croutons, etc. Most of the places my friends pick are restaurants that serve burgers and such .. so I normally ask first if they use plain or seasoned patties ... if plain I will order without a bun, and instead of fries like most places serve with burgers, I will get a baked potato. One thing is though .. if they are your friends.. why can't they pick someplace you can go? They could eat from Outback Steakhouse just as easily as you can, an if you call beforehand and talk to someone in the kitchen, places like Bennigan's and such are normally very accomadating. At least that is the experience I have had in Chicago.
  5. Whole Foods gluten free bakehouse sandwich bread is the ONLY type of gluten-free bread I like. I usually refrigerate one half and freeze the other. It is very tasty! The banana bread is also amazing, along with the muffins (although sometimes they can be a bit dry in the middle) and the walnut brownies!
  6. Restaurants

    I recently had a very positive experience at Outback Steakhouse.. I called ahead of time to make sure they had a gluten free menu, and although the hostess at the door had NO idea what I was talking about - the server for my take-out order did. He brought out the menu (which was obviously used often) and pointed out the ones with "gluten-free" are gluten free and to make sure I read the small bolded print by some. When it came time to order, he circled my order on the slip and marked it Gluten free with big letters. He also wasn't sure if the list of gluten-free sides had changed so he went back into the kitchen and asked to make sure the garlic mashed were still gluten-free. I thought that was very kind. They also didn't put the bread just on top of the foods in the same bag, they were in a seperate bag from the food. My only small complaint was that the salad had croutons on it..but really didn't want the salad anyway .. next time I will just remember to state that the salad is gluten-free also and to have them mix it in a clean bowl. According to the SillyYak restaurant guide.. it says Outback has a flourless brownie dessert that is gluten-free.... has anyone tried this?
  7. So Frustrated..

    My new 'quick grab snacks' are corn tortillas.. I can eat 5 of them plain and be filled. Another is peanut butter on bananas. I just bought Dinty Moore Beef Stew today, I will have to try it. They sell them in the small plastic cans so I can take those with me if I am going out somewhere and need something gluten-free to eat... Tonight my mom is making chicken faijitas, and bought a few pounds extra of chicken so that my sister and I could have some leftovers for lunch or dinner tomorrow.. I'm learning to make more of foods I like so that I do have some leftovers I can just grab and reheat. Tomorrow, my mom, sister and I are all taking our first trip to a Whole Foods Store. My doctor recommended going there for gluten-free foods, so we're going to check it out.
  8. So Frustrated..

    Thanks all for your responses Actual cooking from me is (for example chicken faijitas) Have to sautee the peppers then remove them from the pot, season & cook the chicken, and then mix in the peppers.. I have no problem doing that on days I have time, but sometimes I just want to grab a quick meal where there is little to no cooking involved. Maybe already cooked chicken and I could just make rice to go with it... but what Chicken Broth's are gluten-free? I gave up because I saw wheat everytime.
  9. So Frustrated..

    I've been gluten-free for a week .. happy that almost all of my symptoms have gone away (except now I'm a little constipated) but frustrated at lack of yummy foods that don't involve actual cooking! I tried Kinniknick bread .. didn't care for it too much, but I guess I just have to get used to having "fake" bread.. I tried rice noodles, ick! Amy's Shepard pie was too "southwestern"y for me. The spices were too overwhelming. But maybe it was just that box. It's so hard now to run out to the store and just grab a quick bite to eat that doesn't involve cooking .. I am going to try a Healthy Choice frozen dinner that is gluten-free .. but other than that, I'm living off Corn Tortillas, Healthy Choice Vegetable Beef soup, and hershey bars! Also - anyone know of a good gluten-free yellow cake mix? I tried Authentic Foods mix, but it had too much of a spice taste for my liking.
  10. Awareness

    Not sure how many of you use AIM .. but here is a cute celiac icon! http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v348/shayliz/celiacs.gif
  11. Thanks all.. I'm so glad I posted something (and I guess glad that I had a bad stomaxh reaction to them early) .. I was going to order a case of these because they were so good! I am not a sesame person.. but I will look into pretzels that are SPECIFICALLY STATED gluten free. Like I said.. I'm a newbie celiac, so it'll take some time for me to get down all that I can't eat. I was at Jewel yesterday and must have called my mom/sister about 5 times "can I have this?" "malt flavoring is bad, right?" "i'll read these ingredients to you, tell me if it's okay.."
  12. I plan on calling tomorrow. I never would have even thought about looking up spelt.. but I started getting a nasty stomachache and so I came here to check responses to see if anyone said "wait - spelt is bad!" and sure 'nuff...
  13. I emailed the company, and this was the response I received ... Spelt does contain gluten. After all, it is the gluten that provides elasticity to dough, allowing bread to rise. Spelt bread has few air pockets, is well formed and tastes great. The gluten found in cereal grains is not all alike. Gluten is made up of glutenin and gliadin molecules, and the of composition of each changes with the grain. If you have a gluten allergy, we recommend that you consult your doctor regarding which cereal grains you should avoid. Most gluten testing is done with wheat gluten; therefore all you know for sure is that you are allergic to wheat. General testing for allergic reactions to food groups can identify problem areas; more specific tests may allow you to enjoy foods that you otherwise might rule out. If you have a gluten intolerance such as Celiac and have heard of other confirmed and diagnosed Celiac sufferers who are able to eat spelt, then what you have heard is true. We have talked to a number of Celiacs who have had confirmed biopsies of the small intestine, who have been able to eat spelt. We caution you that there are differing degrees of severity and each individual must be responsible to weigh the risk against the possible reward. Whether you, as a Celiac, decide to try spelt should be a decision that you reach only after consulting your physician. I think I have an angry phone call to make to the health food store.. after all, the guy working there said he had celiac also, and he eats the pretzels all the time!
  14. Went on my first gluten-free shopping trip.. I tried a brand of gluten-free pretzels before and they were really bland... but today, I bought VitaSpelt original Pretzels and they taste like normal pretzels! Even though they were in the gluten-free aisle, they didn't specifically state gluten-free, so I had my mom and the store owner look over the short ingredient list..and sure enough.. gluten-free. I'm so excited, pretzels are my favorite snack .. and these taste JUST like the real thing! Maybe this gluten-free diet won't be so bad, after all... Has anyone else tried this brand of pretzels?
  15. Ooh.. I will definitely have to look into getting some of those on my first gluten-free shopping spree. =) First on my list is Knickinick(sp?) gluten-free bread.