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  1. we ate a frozen turkey a few weeks ago. only salt and pepper on it. My husband started feeling weird right away. my daughter- age 10- had brain fog all night and could not add or subtract simple problems. then husband had full blown gluten symptoms. lasted for 3 days!! it was awful. I called the store and the plain frozen turkey had gluten in it. so...gluten could have been in the actual turkey for you, not the stuffing!
  2. My husband took gluten out of his diet in Jan. for 2 weeks he felt better than ever.ever since- for the past few months, the slightest amout of gluten can cause him issues for days. even cross contamination. Instant mood swings, cannot reason or think, brain fog, feels like he is floating, numb lips and tongue ( just by being in a bakery). stomach gurggling, head pounding- then feeling hungover and depressed the next day. Does this sound like Celiac or an allergy? Also- since going off gluten, he now reacts to tomatoes, cinnamon, dairy, shellfish, and eggs. some the same way ( with lips and tongue getting numb) and some just make him a little gassy. we cannot get tested for celiac since he has been off gluten for a while now. and he never wants to touch it again. it just seems like every week some new allergy is coming up. we already took out sugar, dyes, perservatives, gmos, msg, and high fructose corn syrup along with all of those allergy foods mentioned. He takes pro biotics and digestive enzymes when he eats and is seeing a chiropractor 2x a week.. but the slightest thing can make him miserable for days. also- found out that our 4 kids have intolerance to gluten, dairy, soy, eggs, corn, citrus, and shellfish. Does this sound genetic or like leaky gut or Candida??? I have no issues though..Help please
  3. Just wanted to mention that I got glutened by these cookies. as soon as I ate one my tongue and lips got numb, sharp headache, warm all over, floating feeling, gurgly stomach, and diarhea. yup..glutened.
  4. My husband just ate 2 of those cookies and immediatlyhad a reaction! numb tongue, body warm, headache, floating feeling, gurgling stomach. definately glutened by these cookies.
  5. We are 3 weeks in to going gluten free here. Did it all the wrong way...but to make a long story short- there is NO way I want to put my kids back on gluten now for testing. But, my 5 year old has had a rash for 2 years on his bottom. It bleeds sometimes. Looks like zits. It completely went away after 3 days gluten-free. I tested him 2 days ago and gave him goldfish. the rash was back and bleeding the next morning! 30 hours later after no gluten. it is completely gone!! Now, how do I go about getting him tested for celiac without giving him gluten for months???