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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Gluten Free Pre-Workout

    Coffee and certain fruits is what I've using. I'm just looking for something that will give me the extra boost for when I'm lifting & contain beta alanine
  2. Gluten Free Pre-Workout

    They do test bc it is certified gluten free. I'm assuming the person who answered me just had no idea what they were talking about. All of my food tests to between 5 & 10 ppm so I found it very odd that she said 0. In the past 8 years and all the manufacturers I have called, I've never heard someone say that. But from all the research I've done this one does seem to be the most gluten-free. We'll find out!
  3. Has anyone tried the twinlab pre-workout activator? I called the manufacturer to see how may ppm it tests to and they said none, something I've never gotten before when I've called other places. I have yet to find one that does not make me sick and would LOVE to know if anyone has tried this.
  4. You're meat might be whats causing you to have those symptoms. I know it took me FOREVER to finally find chicken that would not make me sick.
  5. College Dating

    I know exactly how you feel. However, that is one HUGE downside of having celiac disease. It definitely sucks never being able to eat out anywhere but it will save you a ton of money, as you already know. I suggest cooking for her & then going to the comedy club. If she really likes you, food will be the last thing on her mind
  6. Jerseygirl I had the same problem! I've been dealing with celiac disease for about 6 years and I went through the same thing. I most definitely have become more sensitive through the process but my anxiety has gone down dramatically. The only time it ever flares up is if I eat gluten. As with the symptoms I also have noticed that they aren't as severe (unless I eat large amounts of gluten) but they do drag. I will feel tired for a longer period of time and be bloated for longer . It also KILLS my work outs, I sweat about 50% more and it is so much harder to get through.
  7. Caramel Coloring?

    I react to anything more than 10 ppm. I usually just stick to water, milk, and the juices I juice myself. In my case, anything with artificial flavors will certainly make me sick.
  8. I am also a super sensitive celiac. I personally hate how 99% of all the gluten free food I still cannot eat because it makes me sick. My sisters and I were struggling for a few years testing out different foods and figuring out what makes us sick and what doesn't. Well we finally figured it out but still test new foods every now and then. I'm glad your doctor told you to stay away from packaged foods, most of them will definitely make you sick! I dont know how long you've been dealing with this but I have quite a few food suggestions if you would like to know some new foods that you can have. With making your own juice, I highly recommend investing in a juicer and getting the "Juicing bible", it has helped my sisters and I SO much. With the lack of nutrients and vitamins you're not getting from the gluten free food juicing is the best way to go about that, it may not taste good but you will definitely feel 100% better!
  9. I have celiac disease and am VERY sensitive, my food options are extremely limited. I am wondering if anyone has been able to find any pre work outs or proteins that seem to work well for them. I've tried quite a few and have unfortunately failed. I'm looking more into the plant protein ones or if anyone has a good rice one I'd love to know!
  10. Very Hard To Lose Fat

    I have have been living with celiac for about 6 years now. I lost a TON of weight when I first became gluten free and am pretty lean now. I've noticed when I begin to plateau and just aren't seeing results anymore it is always because I have changed something in my diet and that product is not gluten free enough for me. I would just re-check your diet, maybe cut things out, and see if that helps you. It always does the trick for me!