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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Has anyone else been prescribed buspirone? My doctor gave me a prescription to help deal with stress/anxiety for short term issues. I almost feel more anxious. I am in the severe Celiac group and my system is pretty messed up. Can't tell if it's making issues worse or I'd be a total basket case as this is 'working'. Thoughts?
  2. Actually tannins cause intestinal irritation in some if not alot of people. They're present in beans, spices, some fruits, yes wine. Not a big deal except when you start out with a damaged system then it's problem. Probiotics help with the large intestine I was wondering about calming the small intestine of mine I'm beginning to think is becoming a drama queen for irritants
  3. I was diagnosed with Celiac about 5 year's ago but always struggled with "something" else that would wreck havoc on my intestinal track. I think it's tannins that are irritating my tract and gives me the diarrhea without the other Celiac Symptoms. I've had it now for over a week (pure water for stools, sorry for TMI). Three days ago my doctor had to prescribe me antibiotics for an infected, unresponsive to anything else cyst. It's the first time in year's I've been on them, certainly since going gluten free. I feel awful, anything I eat is gurgling through and I am ravenous. Has anyone else had issues with antibiotics ? Any suggestions. I've been trying so hard to loose some bloat and get healthy before a destination family wedding. Think it'll pass and I'll regain healthy insides? Thanks
  4. Airborne Gluten...

    I am kinda confused here. I too reacted to airborne gluten. It happened the first time at Bob's Red Mill (love the product but store is full of flour dust(. Strange as it sounds 4 hours later I went into a horrible asthma attack and the gi stuff. Another time I managed to get fresh picked, fire roasted in the husk corn at our local fair. I immediately started sneezing, choking and wheezing. Turns out the corn field was next to huge fields of rye grass being harvested and it had been very windy. GI stuff hit 4 hours later. Sometimes, like this morning, I wake up completely congested, sneezing, and then the stomach cramps/diarrhea hits. Other times I just have the GI stuff. BTW it seems like my reaction is from Three Bakers rye style that every indication is completely safe. Anyone else react to it? What part of what I described could be allergy and what do you do if it is? Thanks
  5. Thanks, I figured out I'm super sensitive a few months ago and as you the build up of a trace amount almost drove me crazy. Elsewhere in the forum history there were concerns about Armor. Is it a specific name I should ask for?
  6. Help, what are people doing with the manufacturer's backorder on Levithoid? I was put on Synthroid am had gluten reactions. I'm so discouraged. I take a very small amount so it took 2 months for me to figure it out. Actually my Obgyn did noting my escalating pain was coincidentally when they changed the meds. I became so horrible to my family, starting losing muscle mass despite my continuing with plates and trying to run, foggy brain. I want to scream now because I am having to restart recovery from reactions AND am not on any thyroid meds. Haven't gotten a call back from primary as I don't think she knows what to do. Any help??
  7. Pf Changs - Gluten Or Other Ingredient

    OMG I. am so sick today after eating at PF Chang's. I've been many times to this restaurant and never had a problem. But this time ordered Moo Goo Guy Pan (sp?) IT really seemed that the chicken was processed not fresh which makes me think it was either dusted w gluten, typical to prevent sticking, or the conveyor was dusted which we know doesn't get reported. Oh so frustrated, sigh.
  8. So Fed Up

    I feel your pain. Having an on going problem with my Aunt ( my mother died at 60 probably due to undiagnosed Celiac issues) who insists she will only go to this French bakery/restaurant for her birthday lunch. Last time we went I got sick as there was flour in the air and a dusting all around. Frustrated because she couldn't believe flour in the air could make me sick she asked "so when will you out grow this". Doesn't seem to matter how old I get I just never seem to be an adult to family. Gotta love them, that's what family is all about LOL (Ps took her plant shopping for her birthday instead)
  9. Thank you so much. I'll post again when I've tried it. It seems so strange to me that other things like soy are now a problem for me. I wasn't diagnosed till age 54 and wonder if I always had a soy reaction too. Isn't the human body just a miraculous jumble of chaos:) Thanks again.
  10. Does anyone else take this medication? It's listed as gluten free but can cause stomach upset and bloating. Wondering if I'm thinking I've been gluten when it's the meds reacting on a sore GI.
  11. Hi, I get myself turned around reading the different topics. I remember reading one that had a link to a diet for refactory celiac. Does that ring a bell for anyone? Can you help me check it out. As I recall it was a person's name, maybe starting with a "K"? Thanks
  12. Burning Sensations

    I see that there have been many views but no replies. Does that mean this is not connected to Celiac? I feel like I have a horrible sun burn on my right side torso but there is nothing there like sores or bumps. I am very discouraged and hoped someone else had this experience. All I can do is put cold wet clothes on the area. Anyone?
  13. Does anyone else get horrible patches of skin that feel like a combination of having sand paper and a hot iron working on the patch. First time I actually thought I had shingles. It seems to happen as I begin recovering from a gluten ingestion. I bloated horribly this time so wondered if it was the skin shrinking back. Hurts to type as it's mid side back so arm movement pulls on area. So weird!
  14. Glutening Reactions

    I've wondered the same thing although I seem to have collected reactions over the year's. It was the bloat, gas, diarrhea. Then we made the mistake of actually visiting Bob's Red Mill and eating at their café. I could smell flour in the air as they grind close by. I later, usual 4 hours, went into sneezing, wheezing. Now when I get gluten I start with horrific sneezing then the gas, bloat, cramp etc. Another weird one was at our Crawfish Festival. Bought fire roasted fresh picked ear of corn. Roasted in the husk, fresh touch of pure butter and a little salt. No way cross contaminated. Every time I got it to my mouth I realized I would sneeze, became horribly congested. Thought at first it was something in the air because it was so windy so kept eating. Realized after I was finished the reaction was gone. 4 hours later mild cramps, bloating. Only my doctor believes me the "fresh picked" corn was next to a wheat field and we'd had wind for 2 or 3 days. Family thinks I'm over dramatic!
  15. Okay, I'm trying to post but can't tell what's happening with where I'm typing. I once used Costco hair shampoo while in a Jacuzzi tub soaking in the bubbles. 4 hours later the symptoms hit. It took me awhile but it could only be the shampoo with hydrolyzed wheat protein. Guess you could say I steeped in it. Another time I used a new hair product, a leave in hair conditioner. Went out to PF Chang for lettuce wraps. Yep, never realized how many times I play with my hair. I am super sensitive so it's easier for me to just run any time wheat is mentioned, processed or hydrolyzed.