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  1. I read Dr. Campbell's "The China Study" first, and have seen the movie. Though I have plenty of opinions on the veg/omnivore/carnivore and B12 debates, I'll keep those out of the post. Just for some background, I grew up on a beef farm, and raised my own poultry for meat and eggs, so animal products had always been a large part of my diet. About seven years ago I was eating what would be considered a healthy omnivorous diet, then switched to a primarily plant based diet, and really my motivation was just weight loss. I lost some weight, had more energy, my skin was clearer, I slept less and woke feeling rested, my mood was more stable, I had less body odor, I haven't had any constipation since, and (I'm not a fan of the word, but) I felt less toxic. The biggest surprise though, in six weeks, my excruciating arthritis pain (I was told by two surgeons, that I'd have to take pain meds until 40 when I'd need both knees replaced) nearly disappeared and hasn't returned. My blood tests results are always perfect, and though I take Ritalin, drink too much coffee, and smoke (yeah, I know...) my doctor always comments that he's surprised that my blood pressure and resting heart rate is that of an athlete. The few times since then that I have had meat or ice cream, I felt hungover, my digestion slowed and I was bloated. And really, I think the benefits come just as much from what I am eating as what I'm not. I've explored new foods I wouldn't have without the change, and since I'm not eating heavy filling animal foods, I eat lots of nutrient dense plant foods. I eat as much as I want when I want. I'm thirty pounds lighter with a slightly lower caliper measured body fat percentage (and look much less intimidating) than I was during my bodybuilding days back in college eating lots, and lots, and lots of animal protein, and I'm still nearly as strong with much higher endurance. I recognize it could sound this way, but I'm not trying to say that a plant based diet is for everyone, or that it's a miracle cure for everything. My point is: I feel better great. I'm healthier. I'm happier. That's more than enough for me. Thinking of the change as an active, positive choice, instead of focusing how difficult it may seem, makes it much much easier. I found going gluten free WAY more challenging and frustrating.