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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Thank you: that elimination diet sounds like it might be very helpful.
  2. No, she doesn't take flouride pills but thanks for the idea, greenbeanie.
  3. I think I was hoping some one would say it is normal for the gut to take this long to recuperate and that their child took just as long or longer to develop "normal" stools (I would even take "near normal" stools).....I guess not: I need to keep looking for another cause.....
  4. Yes, I removed dairy two weeks after we stopped gluten, almost six months ago. The child is eating a very limited diet re: she was raised lacto-ovo-pesca vegetarian, but has never eaten eggs or fish (has refused them in all forms); then I removed gluten and dairy (I tried to introduce chicken, pork and beef after she was diagnosed with celiac but she persistently refuses them. Then I removed oats re I read that sometimes a protein in gluten-free oats, called oats avenin, can cause similar problems as gluten for those who are sensitive. So basically, she's drinking soy milk and eating fruits, vegetables, Lundberg gluten-free rice, tofu, gluten-free chips and tofutti and some gluten-free cookies and pretzels. Not an impressive diet. I've read that some rice is contaminated with gluten even though it says gluten-free but that sounds a little crazy to me. That said, I'm willing to sift through my rice and wash it 18 times before using if truly necessary.....
  5. My now 2 year old daughter was diagnosed with celiac disease six months ago, after having watery, foul-smelling diarrhea for three weeks. After 3 weeks of being on a gluten-free diet, her stools became more like a more liquid version of chunky peanut butter. She has occasionally had formed stools, but mostly they have remained like chunky PB. How long will it take for her to have normal stools? It's already been six months! When I saw the gastro three months ago, he said to give it six months but I haven't seen improvement. I don't think we are continuously contaminating her re: we have made our entire house gluten-free and she doesn't go to school (and we watch her like hawks when she is outside our home). When she had a clear exposure three weeks ago, her stool was explosive and watery. I'm just wondering if she's sensitive to something else, too? I removed gluten-free oats from her diet about two months ago. Should I eliminate something else? If so, what? She still doesn't seem to have regained her appetite, although she is growing along her growth curve nicely.
  6. My 19 month-old daughter, Sophie, was diagnosed with celiac disease two weeks ago, after 6 weeks of diarrhea, occasional vomiting and significant behavioral changes. Her antibody tests were negative but she is very young so we weren't surprised since those tests are unreliable under the age of two. Given that she has an impressive family history (grandfather with celiac, mom with Type 1 diabetes and celiac gene, brother with Type 1 diabetes), the gastroenterologist said to put her on a gluten-free diet. We did and we saw significant behavioral changes fairly within a week: she became less irritable, less clingy and had a lot more energy. After two weeks on a gluten-free diet, she had her first solid stool and, for the first time in 8 weeks, brought us her sneakers at 7 am and asked to go outside. The day after that wonderful solid stool, she started having diarrhea again, and this time it had mucous in it. She's now been having daily diarrhea with mucous. Is this the normal course of recovery with celiac? Are we inadvertently contaminating her food? I thought that she would be totally well by now. Oddly enough, even with the return of the diarrhea, her behavior and energy level, as well as appetite, are still markedly improved. I would love others to share with me what it was like when their toddler went gluten-free and how long it took. I'm very anxious that the diarrhea hasn't yet stopped and that it now includes mucous, which wasn't there in the beginning....