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  1. I have hypothyroidism, and celiac. My lactose intolerance has disappeared since making the following dietary changes. I agree with the posters who suggest that you might have hypothyroidism. You have all the classic symptoms. If you cannot tolerate gluten, you should strive to be 100% gluten free. Celiacs are generally lactose intolerant. This often disappears once you rid your diet of all gluten products. Another irritant that is found in most chocolate and many other products that are labelled gluten free is soy lecithin. Check the labels of all commercially prepared foods, as many if not most contain soy lecithin. I suspect, although have yet to confirm that the ingredient labelled soy lecithin is actually a wheat by-product. Many soya sauces are made from fermented wheat. I was an avid consumer of Prevacid and other prescription medications until I made these dietary changes.