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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Gluten Free Pizza

    I'm really not a fan of thin crusts...I don't like them super thick though, I mean, not like deep dish or anything, but a bit bigger. Probably because I don't actually like crust. Before going gluten-free, I would always tear the pizza off across the crust and give it to one of my siblings. Either that or only eat the soft, more doughy inside of the crust and leave the harder, crispier outside. What I've found to be the easiest way to bake gluten free is to use the Wegmans gluten free baking mix. In most recipes, you can just use it just like regular wheat flour, the same amount and everything, just a straight substitute. Here's the ingredient list as per the Wegmans website: So far with it, I've made many things: Scones, cookies, pancakes, curry, and now, pizza. It's so ridiculously easy to use, even when using a "regular" recipe that calls for "regular" flour...and the taste and texture is spot on! It is a bit more, grainy I guess I would say than wheat flour, but other than that, it's just about perfect.
  2. Gluten Free Pizza

    Hmm...I will definitely have to try it. I looked for it at the store tonight and didn't see it even though the site said it was there...so I just ended up making my own using the Wegmans gluten free baking mix which is AWESOME stuff!
  3. Gluten Free Pizza

    Is is a thick or a thin crust? I ask because I like thicker crusts. But thanks for the suggestion! I really appreciate it! I don't know if you're familiar with Wegmans, but it's a very large, NY-founded grocery store that carries everything...they've got a HUGE gluten free section, including frozen items! They also have sections dedicated to Asian foods and other ethnic foods. It's awesome! I know this is getting to be sort of a rant...but where I grew up/am from, we have a Wegmans (and thankfully there's one about 10 minutes from where I go to school as well), and tons of people who go to my school never knew the joy of Wegmans until coming here...and they always wonder what the big deal about it is...until they go! LOL.
  4. I have a [school] club event tonight, and we're having pizza, but I'm gluten free, so I can't eat it, so I was just planning on bringing my own so I won't feel completely left out, or super tempted to eat the pizza. Frozen pizza is obviously the easiest, so I was thinking about maybe getting that. I tried the Glutino brand crusts once, and they're really nasty...are the premade pizzas any better? Or other brands that are good? Thanks!
  5. I was doing so well...until today. I accidentally "glutened" myself I got ice cream, and didn't even think that there might be gluten in it. Not long after eating it, I felt awful, so I looked more closely at the label, and saw that the peanut butter cup part of it is manufactured on the same equipment as wheat products. This is Ben and Jerry's PB Cup ice cream, by the way.
  6. No worries. It's easy to misread things, especially if you're quickly scrolling through a thread!
  7. I mentioned what? Seaweed? That was in response to the kelp suggestion. I said I can't do seaweed -- it disgusts me. I pretty much never eat it. I'll have the occasional spicy shrimp roll, but I would say that is only a few times a year.
  8. I'm pretty sure they only do blood draws for mono. But I (and most other students at my school) try our best to avoid going there anyway since they're essentially useless.
  9. I'm back at school, and that's about 2 hours away from home and my doctor. I won't be home for another 2 weeks, and I can't keep being sick all the time. I've already missed almost all the classes I can for the entire semester, and there's still 3 months left to it!
  10. Kelp? Like seaweed?? I can't do that...I've had bad experiences with seaweed. I work at the YMCA, and one of the most popular snacks for parents to bring their kids is dried seaweed which has an extremely strong and unappealing smell. It seriously makes me want to vomit!! I also don't like squash of any sort...never have. I have corn pasta and quinoa pasta. The corn stuff is pretty good, but I haven't yet tried the other.
  11. My cousin who is gluten-free and his wife suggested Wegmans brand stuff...so I got some of the all purpose baking mix to try, and it's great! It works almost like regular flour, and doesn't taste much different! And I made scones with it, so it's not like I was making something and really masking it flavor. I also got the King Arthur gluten-free all purpose flour, and I used that with the scones as well, to make the balls with the dough, and it didn't really change anything either. So at least I now know that I can still enjoy some of my favorite baked goods without too much trouble! I also love the Snyder's gluten-free pretzel sticks (I had them at a friend's house once -- she is also gluten-free), so I bought some of those. I also got the Mi-Del gluten-free ginger snaps to try, and they're great too! Still trying out different pastas...I'm sure I'll find one I like enough to eat at least on a semi-regular basis.
  12. If it's really that hard, then I probably won't do it. I can't keep eating gluten and being sick all the time...not as a college student. I'm only about a month into the semester, and I've already missed almost all the classes I can without my grades being lowered...and it's all from getting sick from eating. I'm pretty sure my doctor will be willing to give me a diagnosis though, if the trial proves helpful since she said that is really the only 100% definitive test for an intolerance.
  13. Well at this point, it's too late for that. I can't get into the lab today because they aren't open on Saturday, and I'm going back to school tomorrow and won't be back home for another 2 weeks...and I don't want to continue eating gluten for another 2 weeks...I've already missed way too much from doing that!
  14. I guess that makes sense. I would rather have to suffer later down the road and have to go back on gluten for a period of time though than do it now though. It's extremely hard being a college student and being sick all the time. I've already missed multiple classes because of it...so if eating gluten-free helps, I'll do it.