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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Well I do know that getting him to go completely gluten-free is out of the question. He will try a bite of my gluten-free food, but considering the price of it, he leaves it all for me to eat. Most of the meals we have together are naturally gluten-free, but his basics aren't (bread,rolls, snacks, etc). We use squeeze bottles for mayo and those kinds of things so we don't have to buy doubles. But, like last night for example, he came home with fast food and of course it left crumbs on the counter and then I worried about everything he touched afterward. I guess I just need to make him clean up a bit more...!
  2. Thank you for the suggestions. I am super sensitive to gluten so combining lives in a non-gluten free home is proving to be more difficult than I imagined. For instance, if he makes a sandwich and doesn't wash the counter afterward, I feel like I have to wipe down the counter before I place anything on it for myself. And when you're already adjusting to the normal things that come with learning how to live with each other, it just seems to complicate things even more. I've pretty much lived on my own since I was diagnosed, so this part of the lifestyle is totally new to me (and to him).
  3. Hi, my name is Rebecca and I was diagnosed with Celiac Disease in 2005. I have been coping well and have learned how to live with it on my own just fine. Recently, however, I moved in with my long-term boyfriend (who is amazing about my intolerance and is always searching for new things I can try), and I am looking for some guidance on how to make it easier to live with someone who is not gluten-free. He tries some of my food but typically prefers his regular food to mine (who could blame him!). I am concerned about the possibility of accidentally being glutened because it is not a 100% gluten-free environment. Aside from being diligent about cleaning, can anyone offer some suggestions on what has worked for you?