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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Kids Sleep Habits

    After over FIFTY years, I'm being tested for celiac disease. Over the years, I have emassed so many symptoms and diagnosis's that would make anyone groan, let alone question my sanity. Until someone recently started putting the pieces together, I would never have considered this. However, one of the longest and worst symptoms (that goes all the way back to infancy/toddlerhood), is my inability to sleep. Lately, people were blaming my "other" problems on sleep deprivation, but didn't seem to realize (or hear) that I had been living like this my whole life. There is a difference between having a life-long sleep disorder and suddenly feeling exhausted and unable to continue through the day. I've been considering having a WHY THE HELL DIDN'T ANYONE LISTEN TO ME? day ... where I can b%$@# and scream and everyone and everything. At first, I thought it was the last 25-30 years; now I realize it's far more than that ...... My sleep problems were passed on to my son; but not the gluten intolerance.
  2. Night Sweats?

    Oh my gosh. I'm just being tested for celiac disease, but I've been complaining of night sweats and hot/cold intolerance (can't regulate body so entire temperature setting is comfortable) for years. I feel warm so I turn on a fan, then I get cool so bundle in a blanket, then I get warm so I turn the fan of, and on, and on, and on, etc. Just as I started typing, my hands started itching and swelling again. I've been eating potato chips with a friend, but they say "Gluten Free." ??
  3. Need Help With Symptoms!

    Hi! I just found this board! Your symptoms sound just like mine, although I am just now being tested. I'm down to being able to stay awake 2 hours a day, then a 2 hour nap, etc. I've been complaining of all your symptoms for as long as I can remember. I get hot and cold at the same time; my body can be burning up, but I'm cool to the touch. OR, I can be SO cold, but my apt. is 72d F. I forget where I'm going, what I'm doiing. I forget what TV show I've been watching when the commercial comes on. I've begun to feel like I'm living in a different universe, because I'm not even sure of what is real and what isn't anymore. I'm not crazy, I'm just frustrated .... but maybe this IS my problem. I hope so.
  4. After searching for a year (in particular) for problems that seemed to flare after a life-time of one-at-a-time symptoms, my newest specialist in an endocronologist who has already determined that my Vit D level is basically non-existant, I have weakness in my left leg and foot, I am very likely suffering from some sort of thyroid deficiency, celiac disease (?), a possible pituary problem, and a whole host of other things (I didn't know there WERE other things), that I have not complained about. I did notice that, for the last two days, everytime I eat bread, I end up in the bathroom. I've always attributed it to an allergy to milk fat (all dairy, including pizza), but lately I had noticed - but not enough - that it seemed to be happening alot, no matter what I ate. Tonight, I have a symptom that I've had many times before, but no one has been able to help me. From research on this site, I think it might be related to this forum. 1. VERY itchy fingers (one to start) 2. Hands get BRIGHT red and swollen 3. Index finger(s) appear to get painful bumps just at the first crease -- where your laces would lie when you tie your shoe. Those bumps start to itch, then get painful for a few days, then go back down to normal. 4. Sometimes RED, SWOLLEN hands take on a "waxy" appearance -- water won't penetrate. (This hasn't happened in quite a while, but when it does, it happens to my feet, too .....) Are we actually ON TO something?