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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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    Hi everyone...I am fairly new to the gluten free life. I went completely gluten free around January of this year. I had been suffering from toxic mold exposure for 4 years that really did a number on my immune system and now I have come to realize I suffer from several food issues, and the list seems to keep growing. When I gave up gluten, there was a huge noticeable improvement. I mostly get skin issues from gluten, which leads me to believe I may have Celiac. I know I carry the DQ2 gene that is found in many Celiac and Mold Illness patients. However, Malt causes so much severe intestinal pain I've almost gone to the emergency room. Now I'm finding soy effects my skin as well, I get small blisters on my neck and between my eyes, and vinegar causes my skin to burn. The other day I went to Froyoyo and got the 8 calorie, gluten free chocolate frozen yogurt. I was fine until about 2 hours later then I had such severe stomach pain that lasted the entire evening. I also got blisters on my skin as well. I felt out of it for about three days. So I'm wondering what caused this? From what I can tell, there isn't any soy or malt (and since malt is gluten, this was labeled gluten free) in frozen yogurt. I did some research and came across carrageenan! Yikes....don't know WHY they put this stuff in our food. But I'm also wondering if it could be from Whey Protein? Has anyone had this issue? Or can anyone offer some advice? One other thing, I have been seeing an MD who also believes in a holistic approach and has put me on many food supplements, juices, vitamins, etc. and I was getting acupuncture and glutathione pushes, which is glutathione injections into the vein on a weekly basis for about 2 months. This helped me immensely, but just when my skin starts to clear up and I'm feeling pretty good, I end up eating something that sets me back again.