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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Dh Caused By Stress?

    Pricklypear1971, interesting. My niece recently told me that both she and my sister have some kind of thyroid thing and that I should have mine checked. I wonder, has anyone here ever gotten conclusive evidence from a known gluten incident? In other words, do we know for sure how long between injesting gluten and the beggining of the breakout? That would help a tiny bit, if I knew it had to have been within 24 hours and I know that I've been gluten free for that time, then I'd know to look for stress, virus or hormone.
  2. Aaaaannnnnd Another "rash Pics"

    Hi, I can't really say by looking but I can describe how mine feels. The itch is insane. Given a choice between having sex while eating chocolate cake on a yacht in the Caribbean, and scratching, I'd take scratching every time. If you've ever had a cold sore on a lip, that's kind of how the rash feels and acts. What I've learned over the years is; Don't scratch. Do not pop them. Don't put anything on them except ice, Betamethasone if you can get the prescription (use a tiny amount, don't coat the area), and rubbing alcohol or something like Everclear to help with the itching. Change your towel and washcloth after each shower. Use the coolest water you can take and NO baths until the rash is completely gone. Do not use neosporin or tea tree oil or anything else that might irritate the skin. Others here may have had different experiences, these are mine. I no longer use deodorant. I use only Dove soap for sensitive skin and I avoid putting ANYTHING on my skin.
  3. Dh Caused By Stress?

    Ah, thank you for the hug! Sometimes life gangs up on me and chillin just isn't in the cards. Switched to sea salt a long time ago. I also avoid nightshade veggies. Still, over the passed week, couple itchy bumps at my waist line and one on the back of my neck. Oh, and I forgot to mention the 2 years of "hmmm, we're not sure what that is, here have some antibiotics and take 60 mil of prednisone every day". Sometimes I see someone at a coffee shop or somewhere and they have a rash on the arms or face and I want so bad to aproach them and tell them to put the muffin down.
  4. Hi all. Little quick background. About 7 years ago I started getting a rash. Tried everything, went to tons of doctors, had a biopsy done, came back "non specific skin irratation". Had the rash all over my body for the better part of 4 years. Got so bad that my feet swole to the point where walking on stairs would split the skin on the tops of my feet. I'll spare you the pictures. Eyes would swell completely shut, got close to suicide. Someone reccomended going gluten free. After about 2 years of learning and trying I started to have rash free months. Now it's rare that I get the rash but when I do I wonder how because I'm extremely carful. Should also mention that the years of dh gave me MSRA so a little bit of rash is really dangerous and can spread like wildfire. On to my question, has anyone found that stress can trigger their dh? Wal mart has generic benadryl for $.88, has anyone found that benadryl helps the itching? I know dapsone is the best thing but I can't afford it right now. Thanks for looking.
  5. Place To Say Hi?

    ok thanks
  6. Place To Say Hi?

    I've looked around and I don't see a place for new members like me to introduce themselves. Am I missing something or should I just dive in maybe describing my diagnosis in that forum?