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  1. Happy birthday and may God bless you today!

  2. I was suppose to be tested for the Celiac gene test. However, they did the celiac disease blood test instead. I have been gluten-free for just under 3 months now. Had severe GI symptoms before going gluten-free, also had mal-rotated intestines that were corrected in March. After surgery, symptoms improved but were still there just not as bad. I went gluten-free hoping to find relief. Have had wonderful improvement on gluten free diet!! My blood test results reads as follows: Endomysial Ab, IgA screen had NONE DETECTED Gliadin Antibody IgG was 0.9 (0.0-29.9 being negative) Gliadin Antibody IgA was 20.5 (0.0-29.9 being negative) Reticulin IgA antibody, IFA was <1:5 (<1:5 being antibody not detected) (don't know what it was just says <1:5) Now to my question ... it seams to me that the IgA although negitive is still awful high at 20.5 compared to the IgG being only 0.9. I knew that being on the gluten-free diet would make the blood tests not accurate, thats why we ordered the gene test. But, since I have these results I am now curious with the negative but fairly high IgA reading. Could that in itself indicate possible Celiac? Does Anybody have any idea? Thanks to all who post here, don't know what I would have done the last few months without this forum. Any response would be appreciated.
  3. Editing A Post

    I am using a Mac computer so maybe that is why I cannot for the life of me find the Edit button you are talking about. All I have is: add reply, or start new pole. Once I go into the 'add reply" window... all I have is: http://, IMG, @, QUOTE, or CODE buttons. I will just not worry about it, and be more careful in the future. Thanks for your help.
  4. Editing A Post

    I posted a reply to my question to the company regarding the gluten status of Wolf brand chili . They have since notified me and asked that I edit that post to not include there phone #, fax #, and such personal information.I don't know how to do this. IS IT POSSIBLE TO EDIT A POST ONCE IT IS POSTED? I did not mean to do something wrong, I had seen other replys and thought that is what they all did, just copy the reply for others to see. COULD YOU PLEASE EDIT MY ORIGINAL POST, OR DELETE IT, AS I DON'T WANT TO GET INTO ANY TROUBLE REGARDING THIS. I will be far more careful in the future. thank you, Tracy
  5. I feel better reading this thread. However, I still am at a loss of where to go from here. I spent over 3 years SUFFERING with intermittant intestinal obstruction. I had all the tests that should have caught it. Ultrasound, CAT scan, X-rays the list goes on and on, and have seen alot of doctors including specialists who should have known what to look for. I even had a GI surgeon do a laproscopic abdominal exploration and guess what, he didnt even realize my intestines were malrotated! He did tell me my 'intestines were ugly" but no mention of any funtional problem! and finally I questioned the upper GI results and demanded to know why my intestines were not in my abdomen like all the pictures I had seen of normal intestines.? At this point they said I did have 'malrotated intestines" but that I had had them since birth and that could'nt be causing my problem (after all I just turned 40). This was the answer I recieved from 8 different specialists. Eventually, I found a surgeon at the Mayo Clinic that did agree with me that I needed the rotation corrected, and when she got in there she found 4 kinks and what she called a 'caccoon" any one of which could have killed me! I am glad I eventually found her, but I did have to file bankrupsey to cover all of the medical bills. After the surgery, my symptoms returned, nowhere near as bad or as often, but none the less they certainly effect my life to the point that I spend all day, everyday tring to figure out how to stop being sick, and to feel better. I just went to a GI who actually advises a Celiac group about 2 hours from where I live. He had this attitude like "how dare you go on the gluten-free diet without being properly diagnosised" He said there wasen't much he could do for me except run a Celiac gene test (but that would only prove if I could'nt have it). He thinks that it is probably IBS like I have been diagnosised with I don't know how may times and wants me to try Zelnorm again. Besides missing a days work to drive to the appointment, he wants me to use a medicine I had a very bad reaction to last time (4 hours of violent D, with aching pains thru out my body for over 12 hours) that I will have to spend $47.50 for the co-pay for. I had originally gone to see him because of neurological symptoms that I have read on this board can be related to Celiac, but good ol doc assured me that Celiac does not have any relationship with neurological symptoms and that there is no way to even know if I am Celiac without going back on gluten (which I refuse to do), so where does that leave me? I am so sick and tired of being sick. Even this guy, supposedly a specialist with Celiac experience seamed to not care how I felt, or what I have gone thru, he just acted upset because he would not be able to collect the $$$$ for all the appointments it would take to properly diagnosis me. I don't know what to do. I have pretty much given up! I do plan to attend the Celiac support group meeting in about 2 weeks....but until then, I guess I just try to keep taking one day at a time. Too sick to do much else! Sorry to go on and on, but I am on the verge of tears (yet again)!
  6. Thank you so much! I have printed out the Hormel gluten free list. I am also going to try the homemade chili, it sounds great. I will call the dealer here in Texas tomorrow and will let you know what they say. You guys are the greatest!
  7. I just got an e-mail back regarding Wolf brand chili sold here in the mid-west. "Thank you for your enquiry. We have checked the ingredients on the wolf brand chili, and there is no mention of gluten In them. I also ran a searh query on the web just to confirm and there are no articles relating to wolf brand chili and the mention of gluten. I believe you will be safe purchasing this product On the remainder of our product list we carry predominantly gluten free products, except the breads (naan), but to make sure it would be easier if you identified specific products you may be interested in and we will confirm the ingredients for you Thank you Sincerely, Asianfoodcompany.com www.asianfoodcompany.com Business Hours : 9am - 7pm Mon - Fri 9am - 3pm Sat Sunday Closed" I can't tell from the answer if it is safe to use or not. At first it sounds like she was looking for the actual word "gluten", but then she does seam to know that gluten is in bread......so, I am not sure. Has anyone else been able to figure out if it is safe? I have also heard (or read) that Hormel chili is gluten free.....is it so? Thank you for your replies, I don't know what I would do without people like you who care enough to help others with the knowledge you have already learned. When I preview this post mysignature does not come up... One of these days I might figure this out. anyway, Thanks, Tracy
  8. I just received the following e-mail from Owen's Sausage...... I know some celiac's are also sensitive to MSG as well, but I have never heard of MSG giving off a gluten by-product........is this true? does anybody know? Can MSG affect celiac's just like gluten? Any info will be appreciated. Thanks, Our parent company, Bob Evans Farms does not have us on a gluten free list for several reasons. Our breakfast sausage, has a small amount of MSG in it and sometimes during the MSG process, it produces a gluten by product. Our regular, mild, hot & sage sausage and our packaged ham does not have any wheat, rye, barley or oats in it. Since people with Celiac Disease have flare ups from different things,so we can't honestly say that our products are gluten free. I have talked with many people who has numerous people in their family with this condition and they all eat our sausage with no problems. I hope this has answered your question. Betty Driver Customer Service Department 972-498-9286 office 1-800-839-4454 office 972-498-9291 fax
  9. Flu Vaccine

    I usually get the flu shot, mainly so I don't infect the whole house with a really bad case. My husband has several health problems, and I don't want to bring it home to him. I have always managed to escape it completely, or only have a minor case, so far, my husband (who does not get the shot) has not gotten it. Thanks for all the imput.
  10. Flu Vaccine

    Thank You Richard Thats one more piece of the puzzle, I will get it all figured out eventually. Now I know, one less thing to worry about Tracy
  11. Just wondering as I am new to being on a gluten-free diet. Has anyone ever checked to see if the flu vaccine given by the local health department is safe? I work at a large newspaper, and the health department will be here giving the shots in a couple of weeks............wanted to make sure it don't have gluten before signing up. Anybody know? I have tried calling the health department, but have yet to get a confirmed answer. Or, I just happened to think, could it change everytime, as the vaccine changes for that year? Any help would be appreciated. Tracy an Okie working in Texas