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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Hello all, i have been starting to feel better in my gluten free endeavors, my depression is going away after my girlfriend finally told me that my time to be sad is over and its time to move on, things were starting to look up, however today i went out for supper with some friends and got a grilled salad and made sure everything was gluten free, it was and the waitress was reasurring that the cooks took extra special care, now tonight at midnight pretty extreme gas like pains running through my intestines, i go to the bathroom, have pretty bad diarhea and when i looked in the toiled bowl, undigested lettuce leafs were floating at the top.... Now im wondering if this is normal due to malasorptions, or something like that. Please keep in mind i have been gluten free for only around 3 weeks, and am sure i didnt gluten myself today. I hope to hear your answers, you guys really help a lot. And more updates \i had a throat infection and my bladder infection has cleared up, my only problem now is my intestines and this damn calculus class, (lol)
  2. thanks for the feed back, i have been dairy free also, i come home for lunch everyday now, one more thing i need to mention... i seem to have episodes of feeling lousy around every three days, where the episode only last about 1-2 days, is this normal?
  3. Hello Celiac.com, this is my first post, this is basically my story, i have been having chronic diarhea, fatigue, and just plain depression for about 5 months. I know i wasnt getting better by any means, so, my first visit to the doctor which was a bout a month into my illness, he told me it was a virus that was tearing away at my stomach lining, so i was like okay what do we do about it, he replied with chicken broth and bread, no fibre, basically plain food, so i went on that for a week and if anything my symtoms got worse, i also went to emergency a couple of times for pain in my abdomen and the doctor their ordered a stool sample, when i got the results back everything came back normal. I was so frustrated, then my doctor then said i could have some coloneitits (or however you spell it) and need to go to a gastrointerologist, so me and my mother booked an appointment and waited, while my symptoms got worse we returned to the doctor only to find out that my regular doctor has returned from his trip, i was so frustrated with the doctors i didnt care, when i went into see my doctor he felt my intestines and ordered a bunch of tests. He seemed disgusted by the amount of tests that werent there already. When my tests returned he said everything is normal but i have bacteria in my urine, (i am a boy, and no its not an STI lol), so i was sorta relieved by this news and also frustrated that i didnt get diagnosed 3 months earlier, (my urine was noticabely different but i didnt really say anything to anyone), so i was put on these antibiotics and on my way, while the antibiotics only gave me nausea, and nothing else, also my urine seemed unchanged i returned to the hospital saying how my urine is unchanged, he then went over my blood work and said i have celiacs disease. I was blown away at the fact that he couldnt tell me this the first trip, but was also madly relieved that i finally have a diagnoses. So going into the present day, where i have been gluten free for about a week and a half..... i honestly feel no difference.... im constantly depressed, my diarhea seems to not go away, and the general discomfort in my abdomen doesnt seem to change.... I am a grade 11 student, who has had to miss so much because of this illness, and seems to not be gettign better, i couldnt play football, my favourite sport because of it, and i just wanna get back to my normal, funny, awesome life i have... i honestly just want answers, i am hoping to get a biopsy done to confirm celiacs, or find anything else going on down there, another note, my throat has become to hurt to swallow, my brain is cloudy all the time, and i still feel depressed, i came on here to beg for some hope, that will get me out of my slump, just someone please give me answers as to why i am not getting any better at all......