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  1. Take it nice and slowly. Even a banana would set my blood sugar bouncing, but berries work really well for me. And you can find some good charts of the carbs in different types of fruits on the web. This one's decent: http://www.lasting-weight-loss.com/low-carb-fruits.html It says 1/2 cup of dried dates has 62 carbs (eek!) a banana has 27 carbs, and 1/2 cup of blueberries has 10 carbs. I usually eat about 1/4 cup of blueberries, so I guess 5 carbs (plus the dairy) works for me...
  2. I get skin reactions to food allergies - both contact reactions and reactions if I eat a food I'm allergic to. Strangely enough, the one thing gluten doesn't do to me is cause my skin to react. So if I break out in a rash, I go looking for one of my allergens. My best guess is your immune system doesn't have nearly as much gluten to go looking for, so it's spending a lot more time on a search-and-kill mission for your other allergens...
  3. I have a very different set of neuro symptoms, but mine are definitely gluten related. They include transient anteretrograde amnesia affecting episodal memory (I don't remember a damn thing that happens), sensitivity to light, sound and movement (similar to visual migraines, but they last until the gluten clears my body), foggy thinking (I get stupid) and difficulty forming sentences. The symptoms start within 10 minutes of being glutened. The only blessing is that it makes it fairly easy to track down the source of gluten. FWIW, the gluten free Rice Chex are definitely not gluten free...
  4. I've not had that, but food tastes different when I've been glutened. Not better, not worse, but different...
  5. Have you tried fresh fruit? Fresh fruit has a lot less carbs then dried fruit. Berries particularly are fairly low in carbs for fruit. I can't even imagine eating dried fruit - it would send my blood sugar to the moon - but 1/4 cup of blueberries along with some fat works beautifully.
  6. How funny. For me if I eat just veggies my blood sugar shoots up and then plummets. I was amazed when I realized I can't just eat a salad or a plate of veggies. And let's not even talk about fruits. I have to have a decent amount of fat with my veggies or I'm sunk. Here's the secret - if your blood sugar doesn't go *up*, then it doesn't go *down*. The paleo/primal diet has been a godsend for me. High fat/low carb/moderate protein keeps my blood sugar from bouncing around. When I started I had to keep under 30 carbs a day to keep my blood sugar level. Now I'm up closer to 80-100 I think, and I don't have problems - as long as any time I eat carbs I eat fat. Of course the minute I get glutened my blood sugar heads for the toilet, but that's a whole different story...
  7. Have you tried full fat dairy? Look at the back of a carton of skim milk, full fat milk, half and half, and whipping cream and compare the number of carbs. If I remember correctly (I'm not at home) the whipping cream has *no carbs*. I remember being shocked the day I realized this. So I tested my blood sugar, drank some whipping cream, waited for a bit, and tested it again. And it hadn't moved a single point. I find I do just fine with a mix of 2/3 half and half and 1/3 whipping cream. Or if I need to raise my blood sugar, I can just drink a swig or two of half and half. For me it seems to have just enough carbs to raise my blood sugar and plenty of fat to hold it in place.