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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. I thought celiac, due to positive blood results, but the doctor today seemed to think I was in "normal" range. I'm learning igG results don't mean all that much, its the other tests, which were neg they care about in diagnosing. I am waiting on biopsy results to confirm or deny celiac. I have a sister with hashimotos and a mom with half thyroid removed and positive autoimmune marker(not really sure what test she took to find out she had a genetic marker) . I also have a very "butterfly" like rash on my face that looks a lot like the lupus rash. I'm 10 years in from my symptoms being "severe", and I keep getting borderline results back. It's very frustrating. I also have colon cancer in my family so a polyp is scary!!
  2. I had my colonoscopy and endoscopy done today. They found a polyp to be tested, but otherwise, visually, they didn't find any major problems. I also got blood results back for my ANA test (antinuclear AB , S ) It said I was weak positive. Does anybody know what that means? My bloodwork sed test came back in normal range. Is the polyp cause for concern, and could it be causing any symptoms.? What do my ANA results mean?
  3. Thanks, My procedure isn't until 1 pm on Thursday, and I can only have liquids starting Tuesday, with milk of Mag. at 7 am. So it will feel like forever I'm sure. I'll stick with taking my meds on Tue. and Wed.
  4. I'm about to start my two day prep for a colonoscopy and enoscopy. I read that red food dye should be avoided because it looks like inflation when in your intestines, but green and yellow (lime or lemon jello) is okay? Does anyone have suggestions on food? I currently have power-aid, jello, broth, apple juice, and Popsicles. It looks very sad for two whole days worth of food. Also, can I take my medications during this 2 day prep? adderall - ADD medication dicyclomine - For stomach pain, anti-spasm i think Narco - from ER for severe pain Xanax - sleep/anxiety It's really hard to get a hold of anyone at my GI office, so any information on the procedures would be welcomed. I was originally scheduled for 3 weeks from now, but got moved up thanks to my ER visit. I don't want to do anything to mess up my prep and have to do it again.
  5. Thanks for they replies. Even though i wouldn't wish this on anyone, it is comforting to know i'm not alone. I actually have a really bad reaction to avocado even though my allergy test came back negative. another weird stomach thing, and the same thing happens when i eat eggs. I actually got a massage yesterday, and it was amazing. I would recommend it to anyone currently dealing with pain... or even people with out it. Since my trip to the ER, I've gotten bumped to "emergency status" so I will get to have my scopy's this week. There definitely has to be something better than a month wait for diagnosis.
  6. Thanks for replying. I ended up in the ER on Thursday night/Friday morning with severe pain so I officially warrant one of the emergency spots at my GI office. I will get my endoscopy and colonoscopy done this Thursday. I think i'm more worried about clear liquids and laxatives for two days then the procedure itself. I don't know for sure which celiac tests were done. I was given the results over the phone without prior knowledge of what they were so it's hard for me to understand what tests were actually done. I got a printout of my allergy tests, which all came back normal. At least next time i see someone, even the NP, i'll have all my test results so if i do have an autoimmune i won't feel like i need to defend myself.
  7. I have a previous post with more info, but right now I need advice in pain management. I ended up in the ER last night for abdominal pain. I had level 10 pain down my left side front and back while trying to go to the bathroom. For 3 hours I was at a level 8 pain in lower back and gut, both sides. They ended up giving me pain meds, but these always cause constipation which equals more pain. I have endoscopy colonoscopy for march 5th so I can't stop eating gluten until then. Any suggestions?
  8. I wasn't impressed with the NP I saw at the GI office. She told me "gurgle" sounds are normal, people just need to deal with it. Then I described my symptoms and she would say,"you need to see your primary about that, you need to see your gynecologist if your having lower back pain and lower abdominal pain." I Thought if anyone would understand, it would be someone in a specialists office, but she made me feel like a hypochondriac. I don't want to go to someone who doesn't see my body as a whole. You can break a toe and throw your whole body off, let alone an autoimmune disease. Closed mindedness is what has kept me in pain for a decade. On another note, I woke up today and my "butterfly" facial rash is back. This is more indicative of lupus, but don't other autoimmune cause this too? Also, has anyone else had this reaction to eggs? And if so, were you able to eat them after you got your diet and medications right?
  9. Hello world, This is my first time ever posting, so bare with me as I make it through the learning curve. I'm a 26 year old female, with symptoms starting over 10 years ago. It started with terrible pain and nausea eating Tex-Mex. Not gassy pain, but someone is slicing open my stomach and rubbing broken glass around kind of pain. It took me years to figure out it was the avocado in the guacamole. Fast forward 5 years and I start to have the same reaction to eggs. After 5 years of not eating eggs, i'm baffled by the blood test that came back negative for a food allergy. What is causing my body to react that way? I've had preliminary blood work, but the only positive results for celiac was the igG gliadin. Does this indicate anything? igg- 33 (30 is cut off for "normal") iga- 4.5 (5 is cut off) iga 17 (20 is cut off) i think this is the tissue one I'm scheduled for an endoscopy and colonoscopy, but that wont be for a few weeks. More info that may or may not be related. Most of the symptoms have been around a while: Anxiety/depression (mostly severe anxiety) add/mental fog patch of unidentifed "stuff" on my face. (ive always assummed it was a dry patch that comes and goes, but it is very smilar to that of lupus's butterfly skin condition on face) dry burning eyes and need of glasses insomnia (no matter how tired I am) fatigue (no matter how much sleep I get) loss of weight and appetite cold hands and feet (all the time, i can be sweating and they are still icicles) mild fevers milder, constant, lower back and gut pain sometimes pain is sharp in my gut, and i'm finding blood in my stool (this can happen for weeks at a time) sometimes after I eat, I have to go to the bathroom right away. do not pass go, do not collect $200 Mother and sister have autoimmune problem with thyroid and hashimotos, and both grandfathers with colon cancer I was gluten free for 24-48 hours before i realized i needed to keep with it for testing, and i was ravenously hungry and fell asleep before my husband, which could be considered a small miracle. mind over matter, or actuall helpful in such a small time frame. I'm also being tested for lupus, and i'm guessing they'll know If I have an IBD when I get my Scopys done (irritable bowel disease) I can find a lot of my symptoms on a few different diseases/autoimmune lists, so i'm more confused that ever.