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  1. Upcoming Conference

    If you tell the hotel that you have a restricted medical diet then you might be surprised at how willing the hotel is to allow you to put food in their refrigerator. It also wouldn't surprise me if the hotel actually does have a set of microwaves and min-fridges that they just don't admit to having unless you push a little bit. Call the hotel and if the first person whom you speak to isn't willing to help then ask for a manager. Worse case scenario is you ship a cooler to yourself and fill it up with ice from the ice machine. Microwaves are cheap these days. By the way, the "find me gluten free" app is very helpful for finding places that sell gluten free products and or have gluten free menus. You can see a web based version of the app if you google "find me gluten free".
  2. Here is my advice: 1. Get the "Find Me gluten-free" app for your smartphone. If you don't have a smartphone then buy a smart phone. The app will help you find gluten free restaurants and grocery stores that sell gluten free products. I will make a big difference in your life when you travel. 2. Plan in advance where you will buy food at and bring food with you. On my last trip I had a frozen loaf of bread in my luggage (I like Canyon Bakehouse bread) and when I landed I went to a deli and bought lunch meat. Lunch meat is almost always gluten free. 3. In general, the nicer the restaurant is the more accomodating they will be. 4. If you are going to a restaurant, try to call in advance and ask questions. 5. Your best bet is usually to order a steak with NO seasonings other than salt and pepper and no sauce. Other good option is roasted chicken. 6. GoPicnic is a brand of boxed snacks that requires no refrigeration. You can buy these at Target, Amazon, or Sprouts (if you have Sprouts near you). GoPicnic is good for plane rides and as an emergency meal. 7. Subscribe to Gluten Free Living 8. Traveling with Celiac Disease is a bit of a pain but is not the end of the world as long as you plan ahead.
  3. Biopsy is the gold standard, so yes you almost certainly have Celiac disease. My diagnosis happened in a way that is similar to yours. I had an endoscopy because of acid reflux. The doctor saw signs of Celiac in my intestines and took biopsies. My villi were almost completely flattened, but I never had any symptoms. Like you I was a silent Celiac and like you I sometimes question the diagnosis because of my lack of symptoms. I have been gluten free for over two years. I still have acid reflux. To my knowledge acid reflux isn't a symptom of Celiac disease. What we really need is more silent Celiacs like yourself to get diagnosed. The more of us that there are the more it will be easier to eat in restaurants and socialize with friends without having to explain your diet. I can understand how dating would be difficult at your age, but there are plenty of vegans who manage to find partners and I'd think it would be harder to date a vegan then it would be to date a Celiac.
  4. I've been considering taking one of the Bob & Ruth Gluten-free trips. If you have been on one of the trips I would appreciate it if you could share what your experience was like. Where did you go? How would you describe the age of the other travelers? What would you say that the average age was? Where there any families with children? What did you like? What didn't you like? Thanks
  5. I'm sorry to hear that the podcast is gone. I miss it. I have a few thoughts... I wonder if it might have been possible to do some cross promotion with other celiac related media. For example, a celiac related magazine provides you with free advertisement and then you provide them with free advertisement. Perhaps the Celiac Disease Foundation might want to make an announcement on the podcast in exchange for recognizing the podcast in their newsletter. The podcast then grows in popularity and then it is easier to sell advertising to other parties. I seem to recall that the Celiac Maniac podcast had sponsors. I think that Nadine Grzeskowiak, (Gluten free nurse) was one of them. Unfortunately it seems that Celiac related podcasts seem to last for a few years and then go away.
  6. First Kiss

    I'm married now, but when I was single I made too big a deal out of things that I thought would bother potential girlfriends. Once I was in a relationship I realized that the things that I worried about didn't bother other people as much as it bothered me. Now that we are a couple, my wife has shared some of the insecurities that she had while dating. Her insecurities and the faults that she found with herself were things that REALLY worried her. She now laughs about these things Try not to worry about what potential mates will think about the gluten thing. It isn't nearly as big a deal to other people as it is to you. One of the things that you could tell your potential date is that you shouldn't share a straw if he has eaten gluten and hasn't brushed his teeth. Perhaps this will be a gentle way of saying to be careful about kissing you on the mouth. I have one more thought and I hope I'm not being out of line, but there are other PG rated places to kiss someone other than the lips. He can kiss your cheek, neck, and ears. You might be surprised how nice it is to be kissed in some of these other PG places.
  7. Does anyone know what happend to the Celiac.com podast? There is usually one new episode a month, but there have been no new episodes in 2013.
  8. I talked to my dietitian (who also has Celiac disease) about whether I should avoid foods that are made on shared equipment. She told me that she does not avoid foods made on shared equipment. Her rationale is that the fact that the company gave you a warning shows that they are at least aware of the problem. If you instead buy the item from another manufacturer there is no guarantee that the other manufacturer might have the same problem, but might not be warning you about it.
  9. The latest renewal/expiration letter that I received from Gluten Free Living says nothing about the number of issues. The letter just gives me an option for 1 year or two years. I suspect that my previous renewal also said nothing about the number of issues.
  10. I believe that the publishers of Gluten Free Living are taking advantage of their subscribers. They seem to be ending pre-paid subscriptions significantly early. For example, ending a two year subscription after only one year. I discovered this problem after I received a letter from Gluten Free Living telling me that my subscription was almost over. This was despite the fact that I had purchased a 2 year subscription less than a year ago. I contacted the magazine and was essentially told that they were indeed ending my pre-paid subscriptions early because they now publish more issues each year. After several emails I was able to get the publisher to agree to honor the subscription length that I had paid for. My advice is to complain to the magazine if they try to end your subscription early.