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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Need Help With Tests Results Please

    Hey powerofpositivethinking, just wondering if you had any news on your results yet? How's the gluten free living going? (:
  2. Need Help With Tests Results Please

    I was gonna say I don't think you sound like a mess either! I'm just sorry to hear you've even through so much. I too suffer with anxiety, but unluckily not just in the doctors office . Please do keep us updated with how the diet is going! And of course when you receive your results. All the best
  3. Need Help With Tests Results Please

    Ah well in waiting for your result too as we share done symptoms. I'm glad all went well though! Can I ask why your follow up is so far off? Does it take a month to check the biopsies? I thought it was about a week? Hope you're feeling better gluten free now too! Can't wait to try it myself once my referral is over! Lol
  4. Hey guys. I know no one will be able to diagnose me, I'm just fed up of continuing to have to eat gluten whilst my waiting for my referral. Well I'm gonna upload a pic (bare with me if it doesn't work) of just above my knee of these odd things I suspect may be dh. Any replies would be very appreciated.
  5. Posterior Blepharitis

    Gosh that is one long list!! That's exactly where I've had it both times too, and yeah it is really tiny! I popped it last time, but think I might keep it until I get to see a doc. I dunno if mine is related to celiac as I'm yet undiagnosed, but find it a bit odd that it came up the day after I ate a gluten filled meal lol . I only notice a small scratching sensation when I squeeze my eyes shut hard haha. Can I ask, have you been diagnosed? Ah thanks. & for the little knowledge nugget. Didn't know the 'itises' meant inflammation
  6. Hello again guys. Well, I'm still eating gluten, so that I can have a reliable result when it comes to the biopsy (which is 3 months away ugh ), but anyway, yesterday I had a bowl of pasta, and today I've woken up with a little lump thing inside my eyelid. This is the second time I've had this come up, and on extensive research, I am like 99% sure it is posterior blepharitis. I was wondering if there's any connection between Celiac and blepharitis? I know it can affect healthy people too, but with my other symptoms I think this is highly unlikely. Thanks in advance.
  7. Possible Iga Deficiency?

    Ah thanks to the both of you I do have another question, say I'm not iga deficient, is it not possible to get a false negative? I've been reading about the biopsy "being the gold standard for testing," so I was just wondering whether this is something I should enquire with the doc about getting?
  8. Possible Iga Deficiency?

    Thank you mushroom, very informative I'm not sure what the actual test does but it does say on the sheet (I asked for a copy) that its an iga test, so deficiency can render it false. Is my low level of iga (less than 1) indicative at all? I know I need to ask for the other tests now, but was just wondering if this could be significant at all.
  9. Hello. Just to clarify, my username is what it is purely based on the questions i pose, dont mean to be misleading . I was directed here by a friend of mine since we've both suspected Celiac disease as a cause of various symptoms. Well I went to the doctor and got an iga antibody blood test for Celiac disease. The result was '<1 U/ml' with a range of 0 - 4. I was okay with my negative result until I talked to said friend and he let me know about possible iga deficiency! I'm not quite sure what all this means if I'm totally honest, other than I could still have celiac! I was just wondering what is the likelihood of being iga deficient? I mean I find it quite unlikely - I've never been told I am or even heard of it prior to this?? & also with my result of less than one, is that any sort of indicator as to whether I am? I'm just pretty overwhelmed with all this info, and would really appreciate some help