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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. She's been gluten free since October 2012. They've ran thyroid and endo tests like metabolic panel, TSH, T4, IGF - all came back normal range. Her bloodwork for GI and celiacs (TTA,igA) were negative for celiacs but I know these are not reliable at her age (they ran these around the same time they did her first scope, which showed minimal blunting). Genetic test show she has the gene to give her the possibility of celiacs (in other words didn't rule her out of celiacs). She's had formula since a newborn (I couldn't produce enough breast milk and she was in the NICU), and never showed signs of cows milk allergy like diarrhea or reflux or rashes, etc. her only issues are the low weight ( which she HAS always been small, disinterest in food again she's never loved food even her formula - didn't hate it just indifferent to food, and she has constipation). quote name="Takala" post="856602" timestamp="1362208496"]She may have additional food intolerances, besides gluten, the most obvious ones tend to be cow dairy products and soy, for celiacs/gluten intolerants. How are the tests for nutritional levels (assuming they have done this ?) is she also low on any vitamins or minerals ? How is her thyroid function ?
  2. You are lucky in that you guys saw significant improvement right away,since that helped to confirm that it was celics and that you guys are on the right track. While reading your post I kept thinking that I wish we would see results (it's been 4+ months on gluten free) and my 2 yr old still has not gained weight or increase her appetite. Her first endoscopy showed minimal blunting, and she just had another one which showed no blunting and a normal gut, but she still is same weight and eating has not changed. Reading your post makes me think that improvement in symptons should have occurred after 4 months so perhaps my 2 yr old doesn't have celiacs....
  3. Our 2 yr old was diagnosed as failure to thrive due to low weight gain. She has always been small - born at 4lbs and never on the growth chart. She has never been a great eater and doesn't show much interest in food. She currently weighs 20 lbs. and had her first biopsy in October 2012. They found minimal blunting and thought celiacs might be why her weight has been low so they suggested that we go gluten free, which we did. It's been 4+ months, they did another scope last week and we got results back - and her scope showed no blunting BUT neither her weight or appetite has improved at all. Other than the low weight gain and lack of interest in eating, the only other apparent sympton is her constipation, but that has not improved on the gluten free diet either (we still have to give her miralax every day). Now they are not sure if its celiac and think the first biopsy might have been a mis-reading. My question is this: if she does have celiac and her gut has now healed based on the most recent scope, why haven't we seen any weight gain or improvement in eating or the constipation?? Does she have celiacs? How soon can we expect improvement if her scope shows that she has no blunting?
  4. We have removed all gluten in our house. Daycare confirms all gluten-free and they are super careful when it comes to food allergies because of the legal liability that's what they told me and I have observed them during their lunch times it is gluten free. Toddler still has constipation and not a great eater. She's been at 19-20 lb mark for almost three months (she fluctuates when she gets a cold and doesn't want to eat). Gastro PEDs dr wants to do another scope to see if there's been any healing but how can there be if no symptons have improved?
  5. my 2 yr old has always been small. she was born at 37 wks 4 lbs never on the growth chart. She's 27 mos and weighs 20 lbs and is 30 inches tall. Her general pediatrician sent her first to endocrinology PEDs - all those tests came back normal, then they sent her to a gastro ped and they did an endoscopy and found "minimal blunting" of villi but all bloodwork came back negative which I know is not reliable at this age. We have gone gluten free for almost 4 months now but have not noticed ANY improvement in her weight gain or appetite. She never had any classic celiac GI symptoms like diarrhea or vomiting, only constipation and poor weight gain (again she's always been small) and was never a good eater even with her formula as a baby. Other than the "minimal" blunting of villi, the endoscopy did not show anything out of ordinary (like reflux or anatomical obstruction that would cause pain for to not like eating which is what they were originally thinking). My question is could there be a mis-reading of the biopsy by pathologist/gastro dr? Also can something else have caused the minimal blunting? Shouldn't we SEE some improvement by now if gluten is the culprit for her lack of weight gain and meager appetite?