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  1. I'm new to this, (2 days) but my local Giant receives precooked chickens and puts them in the plastic containers marked Giant. The chickens are from Perdue and they were able to give me the original Perdue sticker. Obviously, it's important how they're handled in store. The clerks were very patient as it took many questions to get the info I needed and they asked what Celiac was. For whatever it's worth, at least those 2 will change gloves before repackaging the chickens so I agree it's wise to ask what brand chicken your store uses and how they handle it. Could it be possible that there are different Giant groceries? Different main company? For example, we have PriceChoppers here in KC. I googled them for something and found there is another chain of Price Choppers, in another part of the country, that don't seem to be related. Also, here, some of our Price Choppers are owned by different people, like a franchise. It's probably not as rigid as a McDonalds franchise so they may be able to fix the chicken or carry different items - whatever works for thier neighborhood. I think the best plan is to use these suggestions but check the ingredients and how the food is handled at your local store.