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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. I have had "IBS" for about 15 years, until 2 years ago my Dad was diagnosed with Coeliac disease. I went to my GP for testing he performed a limited blood test from memory it was just the basic Iga test. It came back negative and my GP told me to go away I just had IBS so live with it. I moved house recently and signed on with a new GP, I mentioned the test when I registered with him and he told me he had seen quite a few false negatives. He asked me to go gluten free for a month and the change to my health was amazing from this he was happy to refer me to have the Endoscopy, unfortunately I had to go back on to gluten for 6 weeks which was hard, but have finally had the test. Results should be back in 3 weeks. Having been through this I am so glad I changed GP maybe you should consider it, but I understand it may be luck if you get a new GP that is sympathetic.
  2. Hi All My Doctor has asked me to go gluten free for 2 weeks and then try some gluten to help diagnoses. I have been Gluten free for just over a week and the fog in my head has cleared and my stomach feels great. Suddenly today the fog came down and I have had stomach ache and diarrhoea. I have thought back on what I have eaten in the last 24 hours and all I can identify as suspect is a chutney (not sure what ingredients were in it) and a visit to Costa coffee, I did have the Gluten free Chocolate brownie and a Mocha. I am trying to figure out if this is a gluten reaction and if so what caused it, does anyone have ideas or advice. Thanks.
  3. Thanks for the advice, I have been doing quite a lot of reading so feel I am now better equipped to talk to my doctor about testing. Think I was put off when my old doctor told me I tested negative for celiac, I am trying to get hold of the actual blood results and hopefully that will give me some indication. I will definitely look at getting my daughter tested would be a lot better for her in we found out early. Another question. I have had swelling in one of my fingers at the top joint over the past week, it came on suddenly and I have not injured the finger. It has now developed to hard lumps on the back of the joint and I have very limited movement in the joint and a deep pain if I try to bend it. I have looked on the web and it looks and has the symptoms of Heberden's nodes in osteoarthritis is this common in celiac disease or is it likely unrelated. I am 36 so seems early for arthritis. I have booked to see my doctor but can't get to see him before 6th March so just trying to find out a bit in advance. Thanks.
  4. Hi all I am new here and trying to find some information about what i'm going through. I have had stomach problems for at least 12 years I had some tests initially but the GP decided it was IBS so I just got on with life. One of my 3 daughters has also suffered stomach and bowel problems, I have also suffered oter symptoms. Joint Pain Headache Foggy head Ashtma Bloating so when my father was diagnosed with coeliac last year I put 2 and 2 together. My GP gave me a blood test which came back negative for coeliac and after that would not discuss anything with me other than you have IBS go away and live with it. I discussed my daughters condition with another GP in the practice but was told it was perfectly normal for a 4 year old to have constant diarrhoea and stomach ache. Recently I moved house and transferred to a new GP I discussed it with him at registration he was worried and said this wasn't at all normal, he also said coeliac blood tests can come back as false negative or I could be Gluten intolerant. He has recommended that I do a gluten challenge as he says this is the easiest way to check whats going on. Has anyone had a similar experience and do you have any advice. Many Thanks Pete