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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Med Absorption

    My psych had me split the dosage on my celexa to half a tab in the am and half in the pm. I still had the stomach cramps and diarrhea this morning. But I also had them after eating lunch today too. I'm wondering if its something I'm eating causing this. In the morning I have a cup of coffee with a tablespoon of raw honey and a tablespoon of coconut oil. Today for lunch I had romaine lettuce, tomato, hard boiled egg, leftover pork steak, and olive oil as a salad. The diarrhea hit almost immediately after I finished lunch. Thoughts?
  2. Med Absorption

    Thanks for your responses. I do not have hashimoto's. I had my thyroid removed in 2005 due to cancer. Had my levels checked in February and they were good. I don't really feel like I'm hyper. No anxiety, fast heart rate, shakiness. I put in a call to my psych to see if it could be my other meds so we will see.
  3. I tested negative for celiac through blood and biopsy. However my dr also ordered a barium small bowel X-ray and the results showed segmentation indicating malabsorption suggesting possible celiac. So I stayed gluten free. I'm currently at a week and a half on the paleo diet and have felt great. Until the past 3 days. About an hour after I take my morning meds I get stomach cramps, diarrhea and feel out of it and light headed. I take synthroid, celexa, Xanax, and lamictal. Is it possible that my gut has healed and I'm absorbing the meds better and my dosages need lowered?
  4. I'm awaiting my test results but have gone gluten free in the mean time. I've been putting soy milk in my coffee in the mornings and have noticed that after I drink it it feels weird when I breathe. Like my lungs are coated. I don't know how else to describe it. Also the insides of my ears got really itchy one morning after I used it in my coffee and to cook my quinoa porridge. I've also gotten headaches. Today I drank some plain iced tea at my parents house. After a couple glasses I got that coated lungs sensation and a headache, dizziness and my left shoulder started hurting. It was luzianne decaf tea. Why would I react to tea? I've also recently had a pretty strong reaction to almonds. Is it common to react to a lot of stuff after giving up gluten?
  5. I'm new so I'm still learning. I'm also going through testing. Someone on here told me one slice of bread a day is enough gluten for testing. Of course we are all different and that could be too much. Maybe someone more experienced has better advice. That's just what I was told.
  6. Friday I had a barium small bowel X-ray series. I had one in 2011 after hospitalization with an illeus. That one was normal. This one showed larger than average amount of feces in the colon, segmentation of the barium column which is suggestive of malabsorption diseases, and mucosa with a moulage appearance. The report says celiac should be suspected. I have my biopsy on Thursday morning. Relieved to get answers and know its not all in my head but the reality is a bit overwhelming.
  7. I'm currently in the process of revamping our diets. I'm doing it slowly so that we can adjust without too much rebuttle from the four kids in our house, one of whom is autistic and eats constantly. Anyway, this post is about my step daughter. My husband and I got married in December and they moved in with me. SD has always had constipation issues. Complaining of stomach aches and not being able to have a bm. My husband (single dad with full custody) solution and that of his grandparents was just to pump her full of apple juice. If she still had problems, they'd just give her more juice. Mind you her diet consisted of those damn kid cuisine fried chicken meals. I hate kid cuisine with a passion. I think it's total crap. That's beside the point. She was never made to eat the meal that was cooked and the grandparents who babysat her most of the time didn't make her eat vegetables. She would occasionally eat bananas and maybe some apples here and there. DH would feed her spaghettios most of the time he was responsible for her evening meal. So when they moved in I took it upon myself to determine the cause and eliminate this constipation issue she is having. I'm cooking wholesome meals with at least one vegetable. Limiting juice to once a day if that. Eliminating processed and prepackaged foods from our home. Providing fresh fruits and veggies for snacks and yogurt. We are not a gluten free home yet as I am getting ready for testing and I would like to have my biological children tested. I do cook gluten free. I eat it about once a day just so there is still some in my systerm. The kids still ingest gluten at school and at their visits to their other parents'. I've resorted to giving her a fiber supplement twice a day (generic of benefiber) to keep her pooping. It's working but if she misses it for a weekend while she's visiting she's constipated again. I really think we're just treating the symptom and not the cause. Someone suggested we try totally eliminating dairy from her diet. I do remember personally giving up dairy for a time period and instead of one bm a day I'd have 2 consistently. I'm wondering if this could be the culprit. Advice or suggestions? Are the fiber supplements a bad idea?
  8. Ha! He probably should be tested. Thank you for the suggestions. I will have him talk to the dr. And if I need to, take him back to court.
  9. I've posted on this forum about my two oldest children and their symptoms and mine. I had a doctor's appt scheduled for all 3 of us to see the doctor and inquire about testing. However, my symptoms were getting a lot worse and I knew I would consume most of the doctor's time so I changed the appointment just for me. My doctor referred me to the clinic's surgeon who is doing an endoscopy with biopsies on Thursday. I had eliminated gluten from my diet for a week and saw immediate improvement in symptoms. I have reintroduced it for the biopsy so my results will be accurate, albeit just in small amounts. I've seen some symptoms return. Mostly in the bathroom. Anyway, my main purpose for writing this thread is to vent about my ex husband. He has the typical 1st and 3rd weekend visitation with the kids so they're with me majority of the time. I talked with the two older kids who are having symptoms about trying a gluten free diet soon to see if that made them feel better. My daughter seemed excited as she's been complaining a lot about bad stomach aches. So she's been telling everyone she sees that she's on a gluten free diet, even though I haven't eliminated it from her diet yet. (kids) The kids are at their dad's this weekend. So he texts me asking why I've got her on a gluten free diet and asks if it's doctor mandated. I text back saying she isn't gluten free, that I'm being tested for celiac and the kids will be tested too due to their symptoms. I also mentioned how we're eliminating processed foods from our house. Well, he texts back that she doesn't need to be on a gluten free diet and that most of the people he knows that do that diet are doing it to try to lose weight and she doesn't need to be told she needs to lose weight that that is just terrible to tell an 8 year old. Argh! I referred him to this website to actually do some research on celiac and gluten intolerance and informed him that we haven't gone gluten free yet. He said because she's eating gluten free at home and still has stomach aches that it's obviously not gluten. I informed him that just because I may cook one meal a day (supper, they eat breakfast and lunch at school) that is gluten free she probably won't see a change in symptoms because she is still ingesting gluten on a daily basis. He's just always got to argue with me. Even if it's for the benefit of our children's health. I'm sure if they do test positive for gluten intolerance or even celiac he will probably still feed them gluten. Perhaps if I have a doctor backing me he will change, but I'm not expecting much. I was just infuriated by his comment that most people eat gluten free to lose weight. He obviously has done no research on any of it. It would just be nice to have his support, but I guess that is asking too much. Thanks for letting me vent.
  10. No the package didn't have a statement about possible cross contamination. I didn't eat a lot. More than 4-5 though. Maybe 10 or 15. I'm not sure I want to try almonds again anytime soon. I do not want to feel this way! Yuck! Thanks for the info about nuts.com
  11. Thank you. I wondered about gluten. I bought this bag at Aldi. The ingredients list almonds, and salt. I just assumed it was ok.
  12. Kind of new here. My biopsy is next Thursday. I think I may have another food intolerance to almonds though. I love them and have been taking them to work for a snack. Well, I've noticed the past few times I've eaten them I immediately get stomach pains. I just attributed it to feeling bad in general and really didn't think any more of it. Well today I ate some and got the stomach pain again, followed by a pretty sharp headache, bloating, then my left shoulder and chest started to hurt. I ate them between 3:30 and 4 p.m. It's almost 5:30 now and my stomach is still hurting a bit. Do you think this is a sign of an intolerance to almonds?
  13. So apparently I was wrong about it not being my bs. I felt tons worse so I tested again and was at 43.
  14. I cut out gluten since Wednesday and have seen some improvement in symptoms already. Most noticeably in the bathroom. . I usually have 3 cups of coffee in the morning with no problems. However this morning after just two cups I got dizzy/lightheaded, upset stomach and headache. I put sugar and half and half in my coffee. I've done this in the past with no problems. Tested my bs and it was 119 so I have my doubts it was the sugar. Is it possible I'm becoming sensitive to caffeine or more sensitive to dairy/lactose? I've had stomach problems with larger amounts of milk and ice cream in the past. What do you all think?
  15. Well I had my appt with my PCP. I told him I had a big list of symptoms but my most prominent ones are muscle pain, forgetfulness/memory loss, hypoglycemia, and lightheadedness upon standing. I then told him that 3 days ago I decided to avoid gluten and as many processed foods as possible. He said it did sound like a food intolerance. But he said he doubts if it's gluten because I'm getting kind of old and would have had past problems with it. I'm 33. I do realize that is contradictory to a lot of people who are diagnosed with Celiac late in life. He doesn't think my symptoms of hypoglycemia are my blood sugar. Last time I had an episode my bs was 66, not that low from what I understand. He thinks it's related to a food intolerance, but we just don't know which one. Then I mentioned my ulcer. I asked him if ulcers can be cured. He said yes, and then I asked if we were just covering up the symptoms of mine and not curing it. He said probably. To give him credit he was not the dr who "diagnosed" my ulcer in the first place. She left the practice and he took over my care. So here's the plan: I have a consult with the surgeon on Thursday afternoon. My dr thinks we need to do a scope (not sure if that's the same thing as endoscopy) and probably a CT scan to look at my stomach. He and the surgeon think the problems I'm having is related to my gastric bypass surgery. I asked him if he thought I should continue avoiding gluten and he said right now if it makes me feel better to go ahead at least till we figure out what's going on with my stomach. So there you go. I feel good that he didn't just look at me like I was crazy. Perhaps the scope will give more answers.