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  1. Thanks for your replies - one more piece of the puzzle I guess, a little more info to take to the Doc - maybe I can sneak a couple strawberries with dinner rather than on an empty stomach, homegrown taste so good. I have been tryign to avoid corn syrup for a while and it helps, can tolerate a little bit of ketchup or BBQ sauce with it but am being real careful. Thanks again Phil
  2. Hello enortham - just before I went gluten-free I had whittled down my list of foods and was doing some better but not great. I seemed to do okay with Harris Tetter Toasting bread, shortbread cookies, HT turnovers did not bother as much as Safeway ones, hamburger buns weren't too bad, others. But yeasty breads and rolls bothered a whole lot. After I went gluten-free I was doing better, but the breads I were eating still seemed to bother me. The explanation came in my results from Enterolab (which I received on April 1st and now refer to as the "April Fool's Day Massacre"). Along with wheat I am also sensitive to eggs, dairy, and yeast - thats why the gluten-free breads were bothering me, and those ingredients can be present in various levels in different baked goods. If you do go gluten-free you might want to keep this in mind: A common ingredient in commercial gluten-free baked goods is GUAR GUM - it is high in fiber, used in some laxatives, and the stuff kills me. Just a little in BBQ sauce seems okay, but watch out for it. I think the whole panel of tests cost $536.00 from Enterolab; it was worth it because for me I think yeast was as much a problem as wheat. EX. I can eat Louis Rich Turkey bacon and do fine, ButterBall turkey bacon bothers, when I read the ButterBall label it listed "autolyzed yeast" I think it was. Good luck - and this is a great site, it's helped me immensely.
  3. I'm confused - I did a post last night about my being good on the gluten-free part of the diet but having problems with sugars - and I can't find it. Disappearing post has happened before. Was it deleted for being dull or not relavant, or did I somehow do something wrong? No offense, just wondering.
  4. Hello everybody, thought I'd run this past you folks. gluten-free since November EnteroLab advised me to go gluten-free, and avoid dairy, eggs, and yeast in April and that I did not have colitis Had been dairy free for a while before that Have found that only minimal amounts of corn products can be tolerated Can tolerate only minimal fiber Why does sugar trash my digestive system? If between meals I have a little Jello, Tang, 100% fruit juice, etc. I'm running for the bathroom a few hours later. A little Smucker's Blueberry Syrup (corn syrup/sugar) kills me. I can have 2/3 banana @ dinner with say 3 med. strwberries, and 1/2 tablespoon All Fruit (9g sugar per tablespoon) on a 3g of sugar waffle (waffle is desert) and do OK, and maybe a couple sips of apricot nectar later, but otherwise I've found it best if I just avoid sugar/sweet items. Any thoughts would be appreciated. I have a appt. 7/7/04 with a GI to finally talk about this and am really trying to get things mapped out/organized before I see him. If I can get a line on sugar woes, the only thing left on my list is to determine whether it is spaghetti sauce that bothers, or the soy flour in the pasta I'm using. Thanks, Phil P.S. Depending on where you live you'll understand when I say am I glad the Brood X cicadas are beginning to die off, enough is enough.
  5. I can't remember which posting in which forum I saw it, but there was mention of a woman not being able to get a new health insurance policy when her husband changed jobs - because she was diagnosed with celiac disease/had a "pre-existing" condition. From what I understand a biopsy is needed for a positive ID. My Enterolab results were that I have gene #whatever, antigliadin IgA high. I have an appt. coming up in early July - I'll maybe go for a blood test, but no way on a biopsy because I've been gluten-free since Nov and do not want a gluten challenge, and I've had no insurance for 6 years and at age 51 I desperately want it in the future. The tax deductible angle on celiac disease diet items sounds interesting - A copy of the Enterolab results may work in place of a letter from a private physician, because it does give the names of the doctors that ran the tests, but there has not been a biopsy. Kind of an end around run, but it might fly. Otherwise, I think the gains (financial) by being able to get insurance again outweigh the tax break gains.
  6. I bumbled across www.topsecretrecipes.com - A large listing of recipes that are clones of those used by chain restaurants, with comments by people who have tried the recipes or altered them. I'll go back again but I printed out WENDY'S CHILI - received great reviews ARBY'S SAUCE - I tried it and it's close There were mentions of Applebee's, Red Lobster, lots more. Take a look.
  7. I was gluten-free from Nov to April and still having a terrible time when I received my results from Enterolab. Not only did they recommend staying away from wheat rye and barley, but also dairy, yeast, and egg. Dropping those out helped, but I have found out that I am having problems with corn products too. High fiber, coarse fiber, coarse ground pepper, and guar gum are bad too, and guar gum is just terrible. It seems traces of corn syrup and guar gum are okay at dinner, such as in a light brushing of BBQ sauce. Some of my blunders, and est. hours time to reaction Corn products: corn syrup in blueberry syrup - 4 to 6 2 taco shells at lunch - 4 to 5 corn syrup/sweet pickles (today) - 5 to six corn syrup in sodas, canned fruit, popcicles (corn syrup and guar gum) Yeast: "autolyzed yeast," Butterball turkey bacon - 6 or so Louis Rich is OK Cheese curls - torula yeast and whey - been a while Guar gum/fiber: Van's Waffles(Orig)(gluten-free, casein, egg, dairy, yeast free) and their Buckwheat waffles kill me A lot of gluten-free breads and mixes have it in them Dairy: watch out for milk products in stuff like Carnation Inst Breakfast Juices: 100% juice or nothing - if it mentions anything other than juice - avoid it I gave up on raw apples long before I went gluten-free, bananas are back in diet. Applesauce is okay. Watch out for Rice Dream Vanilla Rice Drink, hidden away from the ingred list it mentions it does contain gluten (that was a rough 3 weeks). Lifestream Buckwheat Waffles - www.naturespath.com - are gluten-free, Dairy, yeast, and egg free and are actually pretty good. They are my bread and desert. My dietician has mentioned grapes and green peppers as bothering people. If you try Pamela's Baking mix sift it, there can be big chunks. Before I got results the bread mixes I tried had yeast, eggs, and guar gum. Dietician told me a long time ago it sounded like my blood sugar was fluctuating too much when I spoke of dizziness, I think recently when I asked about fat that some fat is beneficial in help regulating blood sugar. When you went gluten-free you might have increased your intake of something you are also sensitive to. I not only keep a diet log, but I do a graph calendar - I can make notes on it about what I will try, or what I will delete, and it really helps spot problem foods. All the label reading you have to do makes shoppinng harder, I found that I was more inclined to make mistakes if I was in the store when I felt really bad. Wrie and call manufacturers for gluten-free food lists, they are very helpful. I even got one from Safeway, now I'll try Giant and Harris teeter. Stay with it, it's a tough problem to deal with and theres a lot of really good info on this site. Read back on previous postings similar to yours. Good luck. VAGuy
  8. I've been trying to use Rice Dream Rice Drink instead of cow's milk or soy milk wirh rice chex in the morning, or with Carnation instant breakfast at dinner (which I now know to stay away from). When I do I have problems in AM, then am ok, then problems pm, then ok. Hidden on the back of the box (other flavors list this under ingredients so I haven't tried them) are the words "contains gluten from barley protein at less than 0.002%." Is that enough to bother? My ELab results were "thumbs down" for gluten, dairy, egg, and yeast. I switched to rice drink rather than soy milk because I thought that bothered me. Fiber seems to bother me, and for some reason sugar really bothers. I can have Lifestream/Nature's Path Buckwheat Wildberry Toaster waffles (gluten, dairy, yeast, and egg free)(taste okay) with margarine and am ok. With syrup I have problems. Jello is bad. Jelly beans bad. Honey ham seems to bother. Etc. If anyone has problems with soy products or sweets your comments would be appreciated. Rice Chex lists sugar as #2 ingredient even though they are not sweet. re: eggs Am going to try cornbread again, I've been shying away from corn products while I sort other things out. Not sure whether to use an egg or not. One piece of cornbread would be 1/9 of an egg, about the same as a couple Gluten Free Pantry chocolate chip cookies (not bad) which didn't seem to bother. Try it and see? I guess this post is about as confused as I am. Losing eggs, yeast, and dairy really made things tough - no more bread or rolls. If I can save corn it will be a big plus. If you are on a low budget I plan to post a good leftover chicken over rice recipe in the food forum tomorrow. One cup of diced chicken is enough for me and mom for dinner. Talk to you folks later. Phil
  9. Imagine trying to learn to bake and not use yeast, eggs, or dairy. I understand the egg and milk substitutes, but I'm not finding anything on a substitute for yeast. Anybody have any ideas? The bread I was making wasn't anything to write home about but at least I could have a sandwich or toast and access to breadcrumbs. Would extra baking powder in muffin mix help? I don't care at this point if it is a really small loaf of bread, I could even try using those individual serving aluminum meatloaf pans. I just want something like bread.
  10. Can a moderator help? I did a post(#6086)@7:55PM yesterday in the post-diagnosis forum but it doesn't show up there. I found it in I think it was active topics, and there was one reply. But why did it disappear? Should I try it again? Any help will be appreciated. Thanks
  11. Cheap to try - really helped me. Have been gluten-free 4 months and still trouble. Began "graphing" how I did each day, Bad, Fair, OK, Good. Graph going up and down, up and down, etc. Began drinking spring water or reverse osmosis purified water on Mar 23. Every day since then with exception of today (Fair) has been (Good). Skin problems clued me in. Chlorinated water/soap/alkalinity causes me problems. Why it took me 5 mo. from dermatologist telling me I was "alkaline sensitive" to figure it out I'll never know. I used to work (9) years on hot tubs and spas, think of the exposure. With them, acidity was reason for alkaline chemicals to be introduced to the water. Different brands of bottled water have different alkalinity/acidity (ph) levels, if you call you can find out the ph level, and pick the one you want or even mix to get the desired ph level. Chloramine (used here) causes my skin oils to greatly thicken, they can't flow, they back up, subsurface bleeding begins, and then it gets worse. What does it do to my internal tissues? Scary stuff.
  12. Hello everybody. I received my test results from Enterolab and I understand them, but I was wondering if they are normal, extreme, or whatever. I'll summarize and ask a few Q's. Scores: Antigliadin lgA 18 units, normal < 10 Anti Tissue Transglutaminase lgA 16 units, normal < 10 Maslabsorption Fat test 73 units, normal < 300 Yeast Sensitivity 16 units, normal < 10 Anti-casein lgA antibody 14 units, normal <10 Egg protein sensitivity 15, normal < 10 Colitis test - negative (whew) Gene HLA-DQB1*0501, 0301 that predisposes to gluten sensitivity is present They said: I have significant dietary gluten and yeast sensitivity I have antibodies to casein and egg protein No small intestinal malabsorption/damage Just to complicate things chlorinated water causes problems, recently described as corrosive by a water authority official. If there is "no small intestinal malabsorption/damage" a biopsy would be useless right? Results mean I am absorbing fat, right? I haven't knowingly cheated on the gluten-free diet since the end of November (Nov was trial month/dietician said try it) but can I cheat some on eggs, dairy, and yeast? My dietician said people have "threshholds" as far as lactose goes. I've been avoiding dairy for a while, but a couple (and I mean it) bites of ice cream do not seem to bother, or a little Lactaid mixed with soy milk seems OK. Cookies with egg do not seem to bother (1/15th of an egg per cookie). Last cheese (2/3 Velveeta slice) a couple months ago didn't bother as I remember. I've only recently begun to think that the gluten-free life might be okay after being very discouraged for a while. When I made the chlorine connection I was so happy. Now I have my test results I realize - I just had the rug yanked out from under me again. I'm an honest guy but I really need to cheat a little, can someone advise? I'm 5'6.5" tall, in 1980 (age 28) I weighed 135 lbs. Two weeks ago (age 51), when I made the chlorine connection I weighed 116 lbs. I've known dogs that weigh more, I need to gain some pounds. Phil the Skinny says thanks
  13. Your mention of bottled water interested me. I have been using spring water or purified water for the past couple weeks for cooking(think how much rice soaks up) and drinking, and I really have to limit skin contact with chlorinated water. Feel much better for doing so. I was doing another search for info on chlorine allergies recently and got a hit at www.ecolivingcenter.com. Someone named Joseph Mathews did a posting about chlorine in drinking water and said he took prescription CHLORD/CLIDI CAP 5-2.5MG twice a day which is a anticholinergic and benzodiazepine combination, and he was searching for a possible alternative - but didn't say why. I haven't done any follow-up research but plan on looking into it. I got a reply when I did a post elsewhere months ago asking about alkalinity of water related to skin and scalp problems from someone in Scotland putting in a water filtration system, sounded like she/I have same problems.
  14. Hello SteveW There should be two posts coming up in the Pre-diagnosis forum (I just wrote them and I think they are previewed prior to being listed) that you might want to look at. In short - the list of things to avoid for a while includes nuts, and you mentioned Almonds. I've been blundering around for 3 months now and am finally getting a grip on things; 4 of 5 last days have been "good," the other was when I got into the Cheese Curls (fat) and only 8 of them, between meals yesterday. Fats, sugars (if it's got "ose" at the end thats what I mean), and fiber are my big problems.
  15. I have found this to be useful in conjunction with my diet log, it is easy to spot trends and is very simple. Take a piece of notebook paper. To the left of the red line mark each line for the day of the month, from the top down. Turn the page 1/4 turn so the red line is the horizontal axis. Draw 3 lines above the red line, at 1/2 inch intervals, parallel to the red line. Mark the red line BAD, the line above it FAIR, the next line OK, and the top line GOOD. Mark each day as to how you felt where the blue lines cross the others. With paper back to horizontal you can check diet log, and write in suspect foods, good food trends, etc. If double space date lines you have more room to write. Can even play connect-the-dots. Tried to draw it in twice but it won't take, it's easy though.