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  1. Thank you all for the advice! The doctors didn't mention anything about my vitamin levels but have been taking calcium, iron and folic acid tablets after a different doctor recommended them. I'm trying to eat in as much as possible but I'm on a gap year in Spain at the moment and every social activity seems to revolve around either going out for a meal or out for alcoholic drinks and I'm trying to balance not missing out on everything with improving my health. Not easy, but I'm optimistic about the future
  2. Thanks for all your help! But should I not be feeling at least a bit better? I just feel like I'm getting worse! I had a drink of water this morning and felt like I was about to throw up (sorry for tmi!)
  3. I started eating gluten free 5 weeks ago today, and although my doctor told me that I should feel slightly better after a few days gluten-free and then much better about 4 weeks into a gluten-free diet, I am still feeling awful. I have had occasional "not so bad" days, but even then I still have a lingering nausea. The last week or so, I even think it has got worse and I am feeling very nauseous whenever I eat or drink anything, be it a bowl of brown rice with vegetables, or a cup of tea. Is this all part of the healing process or am I doing something wrong? I've also limited my dairy intake and am now only having yogurt in the mornings for breakfast but take soya milk in tea/coffee. Any advice would be much appreciated! Thank you!
  4. Ok, I will give L-glutamine a try and see if it helps! Thank you both for your help!
  5. Hello everyone, I got diagnosed with coeliac disease about 2 weeks ago and have pretty much been gluten-free ever since, but I am still feeling really nauseous all the time, which gets a lot worse after eating/drinking anything. I also feel really bloated and after I eat, I look like I'm about 6 months pregnant, which isn't good for a 21 year old! I was just wondering how long it should take before I start to feel better and if anyone has any advice to help with the discomfort in the meantime? I have been eating less dairy since I was diagnosed, but haven't cut it out completely. I'm not sure if this is the right way to go in order to recover quicker? Also, I gained a lot of weight before I was diagnosed and wondered how long before I starting losing and getting back to my old weight. Finally, I am feeling really disorientated and my brain just feels like it isn't working at the moment, and I wasn't sure if this is normal! I would ask my doctor these questions, but I'm in Spain for the next 5 months so unable to get much medical help! Thank you!!