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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. I have a question regarding symptoms of glutenings. Now It’s been about 6 months since I was diagnosed with Celiac decease, and I’ve been eating mostly gluten free ever since. I say mostly because there has been a few accidents. My question is if I can expect to fell different symptoms dependent on amount of gluten consumed? A while ago I ate at a lunch buffet and about an hour later I got sick. First nausea and strong brain fog followed by watery diarrhea and tongue sores. All very reminiscent of the time before diagnosis. I have no doubt that this was a glutening. Now last week I kissed my girlfriend goodbye right after breakfast. She had eaten bread and muesli and since we would be apart for several weeks it was a lengthy kiss. This time I also think I might have been glutened, but it is much less obvious. I had some watery diarrhea, followed by some trouble concentrating and a bad mood. I also noticed some slight nausea and I developed a bad case of tongue sores. Could it be that the symptoms are less strong simply because I ingested less gluten? A follow up to this is regarding gluten free oats. Three months ago I started eating certified gluten free oats. At first everything was fine, no obvious symptoms. It I ate wheat in the same amounts I would be quite sick, so I thought I was fine. Well I developed some symptoms gradually. I had mouth ulcers, some stomach problems, periods of bad mood and brain fog. I stopped eating oats and everything went back to normal. Last month I started eating oats again, being careful to not eat large amounts. After some days I get some symptoms, mouth ulcers, a bit of brain fog and I was in an impossible mood for days. I quit the oats and two days later I’m feeling great again. What I don’t understand is that if I’m intolerant to the protein in oats (Avenin) then why are the symptoms so much weaker than the symptoms for gluten? If I don’t have problems with Avenin then why do I have these symptoms?
  2. I have a question related to weight gain after going gluten free. I am a 33 year old male, and today I weigh about 84 kilos being about 180cm tall. This January I was diagnosed with celiacs decease. Before the diagnosis I lost 15kg. The symptoms that lead me to go to the doctor started shortly after a lengthy and successful diet. That meant that I was pretty lean when my symptoms started, so the 15 kilos I lost was mostly muscle. My arms, legs and neck grew thinner. About a month after my diagnosis my appetite went crazy. I was eating lots and gaining weight fast. Now I understand that this is a direct reaction to having been malnourished. I've gained back the 15 kilos I lost, unfortunately some of it as belly fat :-( The problem is that now after more than 6 months gluten free my weight still goes up. Even though my job is a desk job I’m pretty active. I go to the gym three times a week,where I do cardio and lift weights. Most weeks I will also go jogging or hiking during the weekend. As far as diet is concerned, I try to eat pretty healthy. I stick mostly to wholefoods, and only eat a minimum of processed foods, this includes gluten free products such as breads or pasta. I try to limit the amounts of fat I eat and I never have any problems eating the recommended amount of vegies. Sure I sometimes eat treats but honestly if the composition of my diet is causing me to gain fat, then the entire western world is doomed to obesity. I eat healthier than most. With regards to portion size all I can really say is that I eat according to appetite. If I eat a smaller breakfast then I’m starving before lunch, my current breakfast portion gets me to lunch hungry but not starving. This is true for all my meals and snacks (fruit mostly), I’m hungry when I eat and don’t eat until I’m hungry again. I realize that I must be consuming more calories than I use, but that’s not what my body is telling me. So in short I’m gaining weight/fat even though I’m physically active and eating a balanced diet. What should I do?Will my weight plateau after a while? And if so then when?Or is this something I should actively counter? The problem seems to be that if I only eat the amount of calories I burn, then I will fell uncomfortably hungry.
  3. First post on this forum. This whole post is probably better directed at my doctor, and some/many of my questions could be answered by using the search function. That said sometimes rehashing old subjects can bring new ideas or knowledge out. Also the collective knowledge on this board is probably much better than that of my doctor. I guess it’s best to start with my story. I was always overweight, I was the fat kid that grew into the fat man, I am now 33 years old. About a year and a half ago I moved from a smallish town, where I was not very happy to live, to a bigger city and started exercising and dieting. In about 9-10 months I managed to go from 113 kg to 85 kg, I felt great and was fit. I climbed Norway’s two highest mountains on consecutive days. 85 kg at 190cm tall is about right, so I decided to change my diet back to a more normal one, hoping to stabilize my weight. So I started eating much more white rice, bread and pasta etc. I also started having stomach problems and my weight kept dropping. Long story short I have Celiac disease. By the time I got the diagnosis my weight had dropped to just below 70 kg, where it still is today about one month into my gluten free diet. During the period where I was sick but undiagnosed, I was struggling with my appetite. I was also experiencing nausea, especially in the early morning and in the late afternoon. To be honest I used weed to dampen the nausea and stimulate my appetite, and that worked pretty well. I realize that smoking weed is stupid and I have stopped over a month ago. Since quitting gluten I no longer have nausea, but now instead I fell myself getting hungry a few hours after each meal. My appetite has returned quite strongly and I’m eating large portions every meal. Three times now I have also experienced that I had an almost insatiable appetite in the evenings after a large dinner. Another thing is that the other day I made the passing observation that I was peeing more often. Now reading up on these issues, I can’t help but be worried about diabetes. The only family member I can think of with Diabetes is a cousin who recently was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes, after having been obese for as long as I can remember. As far as I know type 1 doesn’t run in the family. But I am also the first in the family to be diagnosed with celiac disease, so who knows. I tried calling my doctor yesterday, but it’s winter holidays and because the weather and snow conditions are perfect, the entire country has essentially shut down. he will be back Monday, and I will get an appointment sometime during the week. I guess what I’m hoping for is some clarity. Right now I’m pretty worried, the thought of having diabetes is pretty depressing to me. Not knowing really sucks and it’s costing me sleep. My blood sugar symptoms started when I started eating a lot of gluten and starch after my diet, and then changed when I went gluten free. Could the current symptoms be temporary, or maybe something other than diabetes?I read that there is a link between diabetes and celiac disease, but that it is the diabetes that is usually diagnosed first. Should I worry less, or try to get used to the idea that I’m diabetic? I also have a few other questions/rants: First of my hair is falling out, I used to have a very thick head of hair but not anymore, it’s thinning fast. This started when I went gluten free, how much worse can I expect it to get? I read other threads about hair loss and apparently it sometimes grows back. How likely is that, and how long does it take? Ballpark estimates would be great. Also is there some kind of medication for this that I can try? My energy levels are still pretty low, and I have noticed that the color of my poo is still light brown not proper “poo color”. Iron deficiency maybe? Any advice? Since my celiac related weight loss came right after a big diet, I really didn’t have much fatto loose, and most of the 15 kilos were from muscle. I really hate being this thin and this weak. I would like to go back to the gym to build muscle. My question here is, how long before I can start to digest my food well enough to gain muscle? I have started working out a little, but honestly it has been a pretty depressing and frustrating beginning. Last time I did bench-press, I barely managed three sets of very low weight. A little later I noticed a girl well under a foot shorter than me bench pressing the same weight and making it look easy :-( Also what type of foods should I be eating to keep my blood sugar more constant, should I avoid all white carbs? How about fruit? I eat gluten free oats with lactose free yogurt and a couple of hardboiled eggs on the side in the morning, is that a good idea? I had that at 6:30 and its now 10:00 and I’m hungry again. Also I find myself snacking on almonds a lot, should I worry a lot about the fat content of my food, or let it slide a bit? If I start getting fat again, that would obviously change things. Using the search function I came across some comments about digestive enzymes as a supplement. Could that be a good idea for me? Last summer I was so happy with my body, being fit after a lifetime of being fat and unhappy with my body was so nice. Now I’m unhappy with my body again and worried that it might get worse. Thank you for taking the time to read all this. Any and all comments and answers