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  1. I am posting out of the blue and haven't been active on these forums in years, but I saw this post and I wanted to comment. I was diagnosed 4 years ago at 25. I have grown almost an inch and a half since my diagnosis so it is possible even if unlikely. I wouldn't expect miracles, but men do grow later than girls so you may see some change. I am sorry that your height has caused you so much distress. I hope that when you feel better and more confident in yourself that you can be more comfortable in your skin regardless of the height!
  2. Weddings

    thanks for all the advice everyone. I guess I am really confusing too things - feeling guilty about having a bridge and groom pay for food I'm not going to eat and afraid of being glutened. I'm just feeling guilty about the food part since money was really tight for our wedding and we had different prices for different meals, so I don't want to cause them more money by not even eating the food!
  3. Weddings

    Hi everyone, I’m looking for some advice on attending weddings. I recently got married before I was diagnosed with celiac and had to go gluten free, so I understand the stresses and expense of wedding planning and I don’t want to be either to the bride and groom. I read a few other threads for advice, but I thought I’d bring it up again for some guidance. Just last month, I went to my cousin’s wedding where I followed the advice of calling the caterers ahead. I was told by the venue that gluten-free would not be a problem and to just tell the wait staff the day of. The woman I spoke to seemed put-off that I would even question their ability. (This was a very lavish, 350 dollar a plate event near NYC so I thought this seemed plausible.) When I got to the event, I spoke to the waitress and she was also put-off and indicated everything is gluten-free except for the dessert. That was all well and good until the salad came out with a huge onion croute…I continued to eat dinner even after this, BIIIIIIIG mistake since I was majorly glutened. As my husband had said, the scallops were probably flour dusted. Now, I have two more weddings to attend this year and I was wondering what I should do? Both weddings are sit-down meals. 1) Should I contact the caterer and see if they can do gluten free again even though I was burned by the last wedding? 2) Should I contact the bride/groom and tell them I will be attending, but will not be eating and let them negotiate a different price for no food/alcohol only for one guest? 3) Combination of 1 and 2 4) Just go and not eat at the wedding (more costly to bride and groom) I’m still new to gluten-free and I don’t want any more setbacks. This feeling like a normal person is great and I want to keep it up up! Thanks for the advice!
  4. That's great news! I hope that they continue to stay normal for you. I have hashimoto's and my thyroid antibodies are through the roof (over 1000). I've always had severe symptoms, but my thyroid levels are within normal range through treatment. I was recently told to go Gluten-Free by my doctor. My doctor said that theoretically my levels should be lower with treatment so gluten may be the culprit. I hope that it helps lower my antibody levels, too.
  5. Thank you both for replying to my topic! I guess I'm just concerned for my future kids and my family. Also, how serious I'd need to be going gluten free without knowing for sure. Thanks for the support!
  6. Hi everyone, I have Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis and recently went to a new endocrinologist due to continuing complications from Hashimoto’s. He had suggested I go gluten-free for a period of three weeks to see if that helps since apparently there is a strong correlation between gluten intolerance and hashimoto’s. He also took some blood-work and determined that I am deficient in Vitamin B12 and borderline anemic. He also ran the following two tests: tTGA (IgA anti-tissue transglutaminase) – Negative Immunoglobulin A, Qn, Serum - 110 (negative 91-414) – This is actually high for me. I have a history of IGA deficiency and usually test around 70. Not expecting him to think about gluten/celiac, I didn’t have any previous knowledge on what he would be testing for or that you would have to have gluten in your diet for the tests to be accurate. I had told him that I follow a low-carb diet where I eat a sort of paleo style. He simply kept harping that low-carb is not the same is gluten-free. I agree, but I’m curious about what that means for my testing. When I have “breads” I use almond flour and flax meal. I had incidental gluten because I didn’t check labels for gluten since it wasn't on my radar. Only occasionally (every couple weeks or so) did I splurge and have pizza or pasta. I always attributed my symptom spikes after high carb meals to the carbs, not the gluten. I have been eating this way for several years (over 3). I’m just wondering where I should go from here. The three weeks is up and now I am directed back to my primary doctor with an appointment in a few days. Should I just continue eating gluten-free because it makes me feel better or should I do a gluten challenge and then pursue further testing just to rule out celiac? Eating gluten free is not real challenge for me since it isn’t significantly different from the way I had been eating…But does that also mean that the test was inconclusive since I hadn’t been eating having a significant amount of gluten? I want to be prepared to discuss this with my doctor this time and wondering what insight you all have! Thanks for any help or ideas!