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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. I saw a nurse practitioner a month after my attack (took forever to get in) and she did a SIBO test which was negative, changed my acid reflux medication and checked my lipase level. It was 220 which was the maximum number to be normal. ?? I also found out that I have bile reflux and I started carafate. I don't believe that I have been glutened. Anything I eat, except rice, seems to be bothering me. Just concerned that my symptoms are not typical and could possibly be chronic pancreatitis or something that is out of my control. Posterboy, thank you for the information. I will read your sites.
  2. I am very well aware of the difference in the organs. My gallbladder came out because it was causing problems with my pancreas. My gallbladder was not functioning normally and they suspect I had gallstones although they believed I passed them before it was taken out. Thus no evidence of gallstones.
  3. Hello! I have been gluten free for about 5 years with no official diagnosis. I have been doing good until October when I had some sort of stomach attack that took 6 weeks to fully recover. I thought it was pancreatitis which I had several years ago but the doctor has told me that I should not get that again since they took out my gallbladder. Whatever I had has really messed up my system. I also have egg, peanut and dairy intolerances. I now have pain after I eat which feels like another intolerance. Is there anything I can do to keep from having more intolerances or problems? Not really sure what to do but I do know that my gastro is no help.
  4. I know that there was a lot of information a few years back on this milk indicating that it was not gluten free. I am having difficulty with digesting other milks and was wondering if it is affecting anyone negatively now. Hoping not. Not sure why they still advertise gluten-free if it is not. I can't find any other brands locally. Please let me know of gluten-free good quality rice milk if this one is not gluten free. Thanks!
  5. Plaquenil helps my fatigue and joint pain. It is also supposed to slow down the progression. I see the rhuemmy every 6 months and get blood work every time. I am doing well and my doctor thinks my sicca symptoms are in remission due to the gluten-free diet. He plans on seeing me yearly after this next visit since I am stable.
  6. I did not get a final biopsy report but the last one was taken in 2013 and my discharge papers indicate scalloped mucosa in duodenum and duodenal mucosal changes consistent with celiac disease. This was 2 years after going gluten free. Biopsies were taken and nurse called that they were negative. Yes, I am doing fine on the diet but did not have typical symptoms. My rhuemmy doctor believes that my sicca symptoms are in remission due to the diet. I see a gastro doctor yearly due to obtaining a prescription referral for dexilant and monitoring for possible barrett's. Going for egd late in April. Thanks for your reply.
  7. I am on plaquenil also. It is the first thing that they put you on if your symptoms are mild. Plaquenil has worked wonders for me but the only risk are eye problems which you would need to have an ophthalmologist follow you. I don't have antibodies but have a positive ANA and dry symptoms which are much better since treatment. The key is finding a good doctor. Join sjogren's world website. There are many nice people there and have great advice.
  8. Back in 2011, I had a Prometheus test run which consisted of a +DGP IgG, +DGP IgA, -TTG IgA, -EMA IgA, Total IgA was normal. My gastro did a genetics test which was unable to interpret but started me on a gluten-free diet and sent me to a rhuemmy doctor. A later biopsy was negative. Now that doctor is gone and my new doctor which I like, does not think much of my results. He believes there needed to be more to the panel - IGG maybe? which is better than the DGP. I tried to explain to him that the DGP was the newer more accurate tests but I didn't get through to him. Is there some tests missing from the panel that was taken? Am I wrong? I am starting to believe that gastro doctors are only good for prescribing drugs and doing procedures and bloodwork. My health and nutrition is mainly in my hands and base on my ability to identify problems and follow through with them. Very frustrated.
  9. I don't believe in weight loss products like these but wondered if anyone has used them? I noticed they have a gluten free brand, not sure about dairy. I don't need it for weight loss or energy but heard that it may help constipation and I am in desperate need of help in that area.
  10. I discovered this place last week and they have dairy free and gluten free options on their menu and website. I am anxious to try it. Has anyone had any experiences with this place? I noticed that they use a separate blender for each drink you order.
  11. I was always told to only eat Bush's beans but I notice that Aldi has naturally gluten free chili beans and refried beans in a can. Are they safe?
  12. Thanks for the boost, Colleen. I will keep trying. I have a step and need to start using it. I get up at 5:30 to go to work at 7:30 already but sometimes I wish I had more time. I can't sleep in on weekends because I don't go if I miss my time. I tried coffee and it bothers my acid reflux. I have not acceptable "manageable" yet. I am 44 and want desperately to be "normal" but it looks like I will need to settle for "manageable." Thank you
  13. Ravenwoodglass I have been gluten-free since 2010 and there has been no changes in my constipation. I am on Dexilant, plaquenil, vitamin D and take calcium but was constipated way before taking calcium. Insurance only covered 10 sessions this summer which was very time consuming for me. She did diet training and exercises to strengthen my muscles but no biofeedback. I did the balloon exercises at home which only caused my hemorrhoids to bleed. I am dairy free. Only soy that I have is in my mayo. I have muscle twitches in my legs sometimes and also have a difficult time emptying my bladder completely. Not sure if that is neuro symptoms. Thanks for helping me problem solve.
  14. I am struggling with my new me and wanted some help. I have positive DPG tests. I also have food intolerances to eggs, peanuts and dairy which I have probably had from day one of life. I am treated with plaquenil for fatigue, mild joint pain and dryness. I also have chronic constipation which I thought was related to celiac but there has been no change. I have discovered that I have poor rectal muscles and also failed the "balloon" test during physical therapy for constipation. I am on a high soluable diet and miralax. Nothing was explained to me but I gather that I have at least lost my muscle control of my lower bowels which is the cause of the constipation since I am unable to push anything out. Is this autoimmune related? Can it be caused by delivery of a child? I struggle with this daily and I am bummed that I need to take something to be "normal" for the rest of my life.
  15. I have some sort of dysfunction where my lower colon muscles don't work. I take miralax and eat more soluable than insoluable fiber and this seems to help. I have done everything and now have just accepted it.