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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. I will look into thease suggestions. The doctor is talking about sending him back to the GI because nothing we have tried seems to be helping. The bloating is more of his upper abdomen he can suck his stomach in and the lower part is nice and small, but the upper is still bloated even when sucking in.
  2. they tested for lactose that came back negative, they did take him off dairy for a couple weeks but there was no change so they said to start taking it again. He is 7 and No he will not cheat he is very good about it, i am very shocked at how good he does regarding it, His teacher has even offered him candy that was gluten free, but he made sure she called us to make sure. HE was only diagnosed by ttg level of 28 1-14 was normal. Biopsy was normal as well.
  3. My sons been gluten free for almost a year, but hes stil complaining his belly hurts a lunch at school and usually every night after hes put to bed he comes down saying his belly is hurting, He had catscan redone and it shows he is still full of gas. There is no cross contamination going on, his food is kept and cooked seperate. I am not sure its even celiacs at this point,
  4. Celiac Or Not Celiac

    He is 6. Hes really good about it, if he dont know that its gluten free for sure he refuses to eat it. Teachers are aware and does not give anything. His lunches are packed from home. We have doen nothing different from the first 2 weeks. I am unsure if it is celiacs to begin with.
  5. The doctors really dont have a clue what is wrong with our son and was put on gluten free trial. The first 2 weeks were great he stopped complining his belly hurt, and his belly got alot smaller. Since then eating same food his belly has gotten bigger again and complains it hurts. Thoughts?
  6. Mcdonalds

    does mcdonalds list gluten free options on their menu? I am not seeing it on their website
  7. Mcdonalds

    My sons class is going on a field trip and they will be stopping at mcdonalds. IS there anything there he is safe to eat?
  8. We finally got the go ahead from doctors to try the glutten free trial. They said to do it for 4 weeks. We started Monday and have already seen his belly get smaller. Lost 2 inches. He also seems more hyper? One thing we have noticed is he doesn't ask for candy as much. He always wants candy all day every day before. When we give him candy sometimes he forgets to eat it.
  9. Chocolate Milk

    ok will check it out thanks
  10. Chocolate Milk

    wondering about the kind they serve it school. We are starting a trial tomorrow for my son seeing his blood test was postive and biopsy negative/
  11. called today with biopsy results. Said there was no evidence of celliac disease. They are doing one for lactose but that takes longer to get back. Pretty discouraged, was hoping we finally found an answer to his issues.
  12. My nurse called today and said my blood test was all within normal range.
  13. I know know they tested his stool, his blood counts, not sure if that was apart of the complete blood pabel or not, and the only thing that came back postive was the ttg.
  14. they only did the ttg test and another one, TTg was 28 out of a 1-14 scale I am not sure what the other one was but that came in as normal range