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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. I think Gatorade is the source of my vision problem and feeling sick. Haven't drank any in 2 days and I am feeling a bit better. I have been eating food with glutton as well. My nausea has went away and my vision has gotten slightly better.
  2. Yeah, currently my vision is no where near " perfect " either. So what does a neurologist search for exactly? So my girlfriend made a joke about my condition and was like " It would be funny if this problem was from all the blue Gatorade you drink. " I was just looking up on the web a few moments ago and some people have had side effects from Gatorade - blurred, vision, fatigue, and nausea. Wondering if this could actually be a possibility to my being my problem? I realized that my first encounter with my vision problem happened when I was taking probiotics, in bed, and drinking lots of gatorade, and then 3 weeks ago I quit my job which I was working every day for 6 hours and now I am more lazy, sitting at home, and not running all over the place. Lack of exercise and I have been consuming more gatorade. Just so hard to decipher real facts from false on the internet these days. Guess I could avoid Gatorade for a week or two, I do drink it on the daily and it does override my water consumption. http://www.livestrong.com/article/68710-effects-much-gatorade/
  3. I went to the Eye Doctor yesterday and they said I have perfect eyes. 20/20 vision still. I don't know too much about how our eyes work, but he said it was very common for young people to carry lots of stress and that when eyes pull forward and release ( focus and unfocus ) the muscles can get stuck temporarily. He also noted my eyes are very dry and it's possible that the layer on top could be irregular and suggested eye drops for the cold winter. He gave me some to see if that would help, he just said my vision should come back and I have nothing to worry about. I don't know, haha..
  4. Understandable. And I am trying to rule everything out and get down to it. I have been cutting down on fast food and mainly just sticking to rice, chicken and some vegetables and fruits. Never been a big fan of sugar and sweets, but convenience is part of my life style. Sure we all remember being a teenager. But my diet is quite imbalanced. My symptoms haven't improved or gotten worse. The vision and being unable to focus my eyes is always there, when I wake up until I go to bed. The fatigue and nausea fluctuate throughout the day, I was feeling great 5 minutes when I was picking up food and now as I write this response I feel very sick. Appointment with my eye doctor tomorrow at 3:00. Keep you guys posted.
  5. Update: Doctor just called me back with the lab work. Negative for Celiac. IrishHeart - If that's the case, I will make sure to up with probiotics for awhile. I am praying my vision will come back soon. nvsmom - I actually use to suffer from headaches on the daily and maybe 3-5 migraines a year. It would star with a blurry blob and an hour later it would feel like the most painful thing ever. I would actually throw up almost every time from so much head pain. It's been over a year since my last migraine and my head aches are quite rare. Eat better, do more, don't play video games or watch TV anymore. I scheduled a doctor's appointment tomorrow with an eye specialist. Hopefully I can get this figured out. Thank you so much for the quick responses. Great community here.
  6. I had a lot of stomach pains after antibiotics and I took probiotics for maybe a week and stopped. I am just feeling that it's unlikely my condition is caused by the antibiotics because that was 2 months ago. Should be getting my test results back tomorrow, Tuesday at the latest. Thanks for the input
  7. Hello, My name is Nick and I am 20 years old. I have some symptoms I'd like to have over viewed by people who actually deal and live with Celiac Disease. I've been eating glutton all my life and never really had any noticeable issues, but when I eat at Subway ( I am poor , haha ) I would get extremely tired, feel groggy, and then almost pass out during mid-day. This was about two years ago and I just began to eat Subway again for the last 3 months and never got that tired feeling again. However, 2 months ago when I was recovering and on antibiotics from a bad Staph Infection ( MRSA ) I lost my ability to focus my eyes, fatigued, headaches, eczema break-outs, nausea, for maybe about 4-5 days. I assumed I had a bad reaction to the antibiotics. I am on here right now because I woke up on the 14th with the same issue. My eyes will not focus and I feel very groggy, it's making my ever day life quite uncomfortable. Also, my arms and hands feel kind of tingly. I had my blood drawn and I am still awaiting the results for Celiac, just wanted to get some feedback, trying to cut down on the glutton to see if that's the problem. My doctor said that I could still be recovering from the antibiotics, but I feel like that's very unlikely. If the test results are negative I will get an eye check-up. Last time I went in, 20/20. Never had an issue with my eyes in my entire life. Thanks in advanced. - N