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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Happy birthday and may God bless you today!

  2. The box used to specifically state barley malt, so that's why I'm wondering if this is a new formulation. It does have the "may contain wheat" statement on it, and the box does not state gluten free. I'll see if I can get a call into them tomorrow (my phones at work last week were on the fritz!)
  3. I just found a box yesterday in the store, and out of habit, I checked the ingredients. But, I'm not seeing barley malt (or any malt) listed! The ingredients look gluten free. Now before I go buying out the store or even eating the cereal, can someone else confirm that I'm reading the package correctly? Last week I grabbed an energy bar that I thought was gluten free... missed the oat fiber in the ingredient statement! Could it be, Great Value's changing over to gluten free cereals? That would be wonderful...
  4. During American Gladiators (NBC), there was a commercial for a Kenmore refrigerator-- the mother was asking why everything in the house couldn't be in the right place. In this type of refrigerator, everything was in the place it belonged-- look when the kid opens the drawer. I believe there was a box of Wheat Free Van's waffles!!! Would that be a first, a gluten-free product in a mainstream, nationally advertised commercial?!?!
  5. Social Life?

    Jenny, This link might help you if you have not already seen it. There's quite the list of accomodating restaurants on here: http://www.phoenixceliac.com/ I don't get up to Fountain Hills often, but we could try to meet up at some point!
  6. Social Life?

    Jenny, You'll learn to adjust. I treat different social situations differently.... My immediate family (parents, younger brother, and grandparents) are very good. I was almost 20 when I was diagnosed, so none of them learned all the intricacies of the diet, but they are all aware of the possible concerns (from hidden ingredients to cross-contamination). My grandma makes many of the family meals on holidays, and what we did the first few times (we stick to pretty similar menus) was she would call me (I was away at college) and read the recipes to me. I would give her specific brand names to buy for certain ingredients. I also told her things like butter/margarine, please open a new container for making the dishes. Grandma is VERY concerned about me having "everything," gluten-free, and there's a gluten-free bakery not too far from her house, Foods by George (you can order their stuff online, it is fantastic!), so she would always make sure to get a package of English muffins and a brownie for my dessert at every meal. Did I ask her to, no, did it make her feel good to "include" me, yes :-) My younger brother (he's 3 years younger than me) would sometimes make dinner when I was still at home, usually on the grill. Now, he doesn't always think ahead. So sometimes, he'd be out shopping and come up with a marinade he wanted to use on meat. So he'd call me-- "I need to buy soy sauce. What brand should I get?" I'd tell him, he'd hang up. Two minutes later the phone would ring again-- "I need... what can I get?" Sometimes a single shopping trip could net 3 or 4 phone calls. But most importantly, he was focused on making sure I could eat it. The one time he accidentally made something I couldn't eat (I realized it before I ate anything), he was so devastated, I felt so bad! Out socially with friends (rather than family), it depends on the crowd. My closest friends (particularly at college) were awesome to go out to eat with or cook in with. They got a good laugh out of me playing 20 questions at restaurants, they knew the rules when it came to cooking. When I go out with acquaintences, I'll stick to the simpler options to limit the questions. I've also been known to call ahead to restaurants and try to ask some questions over the phone to limit the in person questions. It's all an adjustment, but when I think about it, I guess it's a small price to pay for our health! I see from your name that you're living in Arizona... whereabouts? I'm also in AZ, I'm down in the East Valley (Queen Creek). Good luck, and try not to focus on the negative and what you're missing out in the diet. Instead, think of all you're gaining (nutrition, health, etc). I also tell myself that if someone's not willing to put up with the questions I have to ask about food, or gets annoyed with my restrictions, then they are probably too shallow a person for me to keep as a friend!
  7. Mom, I was a gymnast all my life and was diagnosed with Celiac right before the start of my junior year of college (competing at the Division III level in College). Assuming Paige's life revolved around gymnastics as mine did (my choice!), eating gluten-free is actually going to help her gymnastics. If she's eating gluten, her body is not going to be absorbing nutrients, she's not going to have as much strength as she could. So she is not going to be able to do her best in the gym. She may be happy with where she is now, but if she sticks to the diet, she will improve. What level is she at in gym? Good luck to you both!
  8. When I was diagnosed with celiac almost 3 years ago, my thyroid was normal. Within the past year or so, I've gained weight, began to sweat a lot more, and have quite a few of the other symptoms of hyperthyroidism. Palpitations (occassionally) Heat intolerance (not so much, I live in AZ and love the heat!) Nervousness Insomnia (I rarely sleep through the night) Breathlessness Increased bowel movements (hard to tell being a celiac!) Light or absent menstrual periods (I only have a period when I'm on the pill) Fatigue (since it's summer I have time to sleep and am still tired) Fast heart rate (at times) Trembling hands (yes) Weight loss (weight gain) Muscle weakness Warm moist skin (and sweat!) Hair loss (yes) Staring gaze (yes) As I type out the list, I'm starting to realize I guess it's time to give in and go to the doctor. Probably before I head back to work (teaching) in a couple weeks. If it is a thyroid problem, would a simple blood test (including thyroid tests) be enough to diagnose and treat? ugh, I still have dentist, eye doctor, and dermatologist to fit in this summer.... Oh summer, where did you go?
  9. I still haven't gotten an email response from the company, but I called them this morning. I'm used to going through the "push 1 for English..... Push 4 for retail locations..." and spending minute after minute fighting my way through the menus to actually speak to a real live person. Well much to my surprise, 2 rings and I am greeted by a live person! I spoke to Yvonne, who said that someone else had asked the same question a few weeks ago. What happened was they recently reformatted the ingredients in their MLO Vegetable Protein Powder, so there are now no grain ingredients in the product. Meaning no gluten. But they did not update the "romance" statement on the package. I'm not overly thrilled with the flavor of the powder, I might have to try mixing it in yogurt rather than cereal, but I need more protein in the AM to get me through the day, and for now, the protein powder is convenient!
  10. I have an email in to the company, but I was hoping someone else might have an answer for me in the meantime. I purchased the MLO Vegetable Protein Powder the other day to increase my protein intake a little bit. I looked at the ingredient statement before purchase: Soy protein isolate, soy fiber, corn bran, potato starch, broccoli powder, tomato powder, carrot powder, beet powder, papin. CONTAINS SOY. Manufactured in a facility that processes milk and egg products. (Note no mention of wheat what so ever). Great, I bought it, mixed some in with my cereal this morning. After I'd finished my cereal and went to put the powder back into the closet, I catch sight of this statement on the side of the canister: MLO Vegetable Protein combines soy, sesame, and wheat with the finest vegetable protein sources as well as a modified amino acid to ensure optimal utilization. Huh? I'm reading that as the powder has soy, sesame, and wheat mixed with veggie sources! Neither sesame nor wheat are mentioned. Their website offers no clarification, just the same statement. I'm not one to react immediately when I have gluten, so I wouldn't necessarily know myself if it has gluten. Can anyone help me out here.... what am I missing?
  11. Fry's Food (www.frysfood.com) which is a Kroger store, is now offering an online Special Order section. It's for hard-to-find products and they do have quite a few gluten-free items available as well. Shipping is FedEx, and you can check the price of shipping prior to placing an order. I don't think prices are too great, but I do not do a lot of online shopping so I do not have anything to compare to. Be careful though because if you click on the Gluten Free option, it only shows you gluten free brands-- not all the products from each of those companies is gluten free (as we know). So read carefully! Go to the main website, and on the left hand side simply click on Special Order. Hope this can be of assistance to someone!
  12. When I had gone to Red Lobster (over a year ago), their butter "mixture" had gluten in it. The location I went to actually coats the OUTSIDE of their taters in the butter at the beginning of the shift. The very alert manager realized this and told me, so I stayed away from the potato. Her words were, "I don't know how sensitive you are. If you want the potato and just eat the inside, that's fine. But I'll leave that decision up to you, as you know your health!" I really appreciated her honesty-- she did not pretend to know it all, but she presented me with the facts and allowed me to make my own decision!
  13. Airplane Food/taking Food On Airplanes

    Just an FYI, some of the airlines (US Air for sure) are cracking down on carry on bags-- they are being very strict in enforcing the carry on requirements, and an extra bag of food WILL count as a carry on item! Many airlines don't count take-on food bags as a 'carry on', so if you pack your food in a re-used carry-out bag from a food store/restaurant that might help. Airlines, intercontinental or first class gluten-free meals can usually be obtained, but domestic coach are usually not offered in the US (of course most airlines don't have meals of any kind domestic coach anymore!).
  14. Good news for all you Kroger shoppers. I was in Fry's tonight and their pre-sliced and pre-packaged lunch meats say gluten free at the bottom of the ingredient statement now! I'm talking about the small, single-serve packages that are on sale for $0.53 this week. It really couldn't have worked out better, because I've had a busy week, and I *hopefully* (flying standby, so keep your fingers crossed for me!) am leaving at 7AM tomorrow to fly cross-country to visit family. Planning on spending most of the day in the air and in airports, I know I need to bring my own food. 10 minutes in the food store and I walked away very happy. Package of lunch meat ($0.53) and a small ag of Dole iceberg lettuce ($1.29) is a main dish lunch, a Zone perfect bar, some sliced apples, and some microwave popcorn should keep me satisfied in the air!!
  15. Red Lobster Response

    It's been a year or so since I've last been to Red Lobster, but here's what I remember. First, the response about can't accomodate allergies, that's the corporate's cover-the-butt-statement. Many (not all) individual store managers are VERY accomodating! Unfortunately, the seasoning blends as well as the butter blend used on the veggies AND baked potatoes contains gluten. Many locations will "butter" the outside of their potatoes at the beginning of the day, so by the time you get there, the damage has been done, so to speak, and you're left without a potato. i have eaten very successfully at Red Lobster though, getting steamed fish (the manager had managed to get plain spices to season it with) and steamed veggies-- no butter. I had ordered the potato, and she (the manager) came out a few minutes later and explained how the potato had butter on the outside, she'd let me make the decision about whether I still wanted to the potato or nt. I chose not to, and she was so apologetic, offered me extra veggies, but what impressed me most was how observant she was!