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  1. I'am not my disease i have a disease there's a difference.

  2. i just want to be normal again

    1. kristenloeh
    2. sharese28


      I feel like since being diagnosed with celiac disease i've gotten worse

  3. baked hot wings and fries for dinner last night i've been really sick since then this celiac disease is awful just when i take two steps forward i take two steps back ugh
  4. Thanks Marilyn I will be trying different types of foods and recipes in this gluten free world i now live in, when i focus on the foods I can eat it's not so bad
  5. I was leaning towards baking because i don't have time for a bad reaction tonight
  6. To be on the safe side i will just have a frosty and a side salad next time
  7. How long have you been gluten intolerant i just was diagnosed with celiac disease and trying to learn new ways to cook is a PITA
  8. Thanks I was wondering why i had such a bad reaction i assumed it was gluten free because they have it on their website
  9. I want to know what is the best option being on a gluten free diet
  10. I ordered a loaded baked potato and chilli and 15 minutes later i was in the bathroom i know these items are gluten free i'm trying to figure out why i had this problem
  11. yes my iga total serum was within normal range can you be gluten sensitive with a high ttg igg
  12. thanks i know it will take time for me to heal and being on this gluten free diet.
  13. I went to the gastro today and got my test results back iga Total Serum 369.61 Tissue Transglutaminase TTG IgG 39 my biopsy was negative but he told me that he's confident it's celiac go on the gluten free diet for three months and see how i feel they will test me again in three months to check for antibodies feedback please on my test results