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  1. Thanks for the follow up- both are elevated, but it's the iga he's worried about. Every blood test they screen her thyroid and liver function, we glucose levels for diabetes and they are all normal. Dropping grains is probably the next step, but even the nutritionist and GI seem a bit unsure of what going on given her otherwise healthy presentation!
  2. Hi all, I will also post this in the "supersensitive" section, but could use some help brainstorming, my daughter was diagnosed in 2009 (she was 14 months old) and is now 3.5 years old. In that time, her ttg levels have only once come below the highest level (and even then it was only down to 135). The odd part is that she does not seem to have any symptoms since going gluten free. She has normal bowel movements, non vomiting, not complaining of stomach pain, is growing normally, and has "a terrific looking vitamin panel" according to her GI. We have checked all sources of cross contamination at home and school, have a gluten-free house, gluten-free babysitter (when she is here), never eat out and I make all of her foods. They are suggesting she try a no-processed foods diet next, but I'm wondering if any of you have any other ideas. Im willing to do what i need to do, but it is also getting hard to get my picky eater to eat much of anything!! Is she super sensitive without symptoms? Is there something about the test that is less valid in such a young kid? Any ideas are welcome!!! Thanks for any help!