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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. The Pediatric GI did the endoscopy today and showed us the scalloping on this small intestine. He said he doesn't really even need the biopsy back to tell that he has celiac disease. His appetite has improved so much that I have to imagine this is what kids his age are actually like. My son was eating so little and was so cranky, that we saw a huge turn around in a week on the gluten-free. I'm glad the pediatrician had us do that even though we might not get a positive biopsy. Since most of the visible signs are there, I'm pretty sure that's the diagnosis we'll get. I appreciate all the feedback!
  2. I just found out my 22 month old has Celiac disease. Neither my husband or I have ever thought we were sensitive to Gluten. I am wondering if anyone had their child diagnosed and then found out that they too had the disease? Or did anyone get tested and they didn't have the disease, but felt better after going gluten free anyway? I'm debating between going totally gluten free in the house or trying for a mixed kitchen, but the more I read about mixed, the bigger of a pain it sounds. When people went gluten free, did you just throw out everything with gluten in it? Right now we have a cupboard with gluten free baby snacks for my son, but he still wants some of the things my husband and I eat. Today he tried to steal my grilled cheese! It just seems so wasteful to throw out all that food. I'm already beginning to see a difference in my little boy, and he's only been gluten free for a week. He eats better, plays more, is more active, and just seems so much more normal. We have to take him in for an endoscopy on Thursday as one final confirmation of the celiac, but his blood panel came back positive and our pediatric GI doctor said he sounds like a classic case. More than anything, its a relief to have an answer as to what was making my child so sick. Watching him lose weight and never eat was so hard. I'm also glad to have found this website where we can join a community of people who are all dealing with these issues.