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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. I'm not a diagnosed with Celiac but believe I am gluten sensitive. I felt a difference in a matter of days in regards to headaches, muscle tension & stiffness in my back, stomach rumbling, flatulence, loose stool (love saying that). I gave up eating wheat in an attempt to lose weight, it didnt occur to me that it was causing so much many of 'small' health related problems. I gave it up on sunday night and on thursday I realised "why the h*ll do I feel so good and so awake???" lol Joint pain lasted longer and got a bit worse actually before it got better. It was gone after about a month or so. Since it takes such a short time to feel better I am conviced I'm only sensitive to it, rather than Celiac.
  2. Hope you get your results soon and can go off gluten asap.. wont your doctor check your blood? Forgot to mention that mood is affected too. I don't feel "down" as often and I'm not as anxious/worried. I was diagnosed with anxiety over 10 year ago and have been on and off prozac since. I'm off it now and feel pretty good. Won't jump to any conclusions on wether this will 'heal' my mental state but so far so good. Good luck MChase!
  3. Hi everyone, Just wanted to post an update – its been a few months since my original post! Thanks to everyone who replied. Better late than never, right? I did get my blood tests but they came back with 'nothing unusual' and no signs of Celiac, but if I wanted we could look into it further we could. But I havent bothered actually. Although I can't know for sure, I don't think I have Celiac but I believe I have gluten sensitivity – so I simply stay away from foods containing gluten and have done so since February, with exception of eating gluten foods a month prior to the blood test. A few days back on gluten I got all the symptoms again: · headaches · extremely sleepy · gassy, upset stomach with _much_ worse odour... · loose stools, much worse odour - feeling of 'not being able to contain..'. Ugh. · heartburn and acid burps · random body/joint aches, 'growing pains' and irritable legs esp at night · night sweats · elevated heart rate, noticing it esp at night when trying to go to sleep · painful cystic acne on jaw & neck · puffy in face and hands & probably more things that I cant remember right now Removing gluten from diet results in all of the above disappearing within a couple of days for me with exception to the joint aches. It took about month or so for joint aches to disappear completely and they did seem to get worse before they got better. I have eaten pizza once and a couple of other breads when out for an occasion and I thought 'what the hell'. Within an hour my face feels warm and flushed. Heart rate goes up too a few hours after. Joint aches come on pretty soon actually and my stomach is unhappy for the next 24hrs or so; gas, heartburn, loose, very dark stool. The headaches dont seem to return unless I eat gluten for a few days, thankfully. Staying away from it on a daily basis isn't hard at all but on special occasions it can be challenging. For rare, seasonal, traditional foods that I would have once a year, I will just have a bit of it and deal with the consequences seeing as —for now at least— they aren't so severe. Having said that, it is making me think what gluten does in my body, causing aches and swelling in so many places. I just know I should steer clear. I make my own breads sometimes, of almond meal, coconut meal. but for the most part I just do without any alternatives to bread. All the gluten-free products on the shelves don't seem to agree with me. Heartburn City... burning feeling in my stomach so I just stay away. It's nice to know that there are these alternatives as occasional treats — they are expensive and all that starch probably isnt a good idea anyway. All in all, I am actually *happy* I discovered that i am sensitive to gluten. It means that so many physical problems are GONE. Things that I thought were just normal and how everyone else felt. I've lost some weight, although I haven't been trying at all. My appetite isn't as ravenous as before. I would get a tiny bit hungry and I would just have to EAT! NOW! or I would be nauseated and get a migraine with diahhrea. Now I feel hunger in a different way now, like a gentle reminder that it's time to fuel up rather than a screaming beast. And so I feel in better control of what I do choose to eat. Maybe its a more even blood sugar? Maybe its that when I eat gluten my body isn't getting as much nutrition, so it screams for simple sugars? Who knows. Thanks again for your replies and I hope everyone is feeling well.
  4. To anyone here though, I'd like to know if what I described above sound like it might be celiac? I know no one can diagnose me over the internet, but I'm a little worried.
  5. Hi Takala, Thanks for the information. I think I'm slowly getting the difference... Will get myself tested. Let's hope it isnt celiac.
  6. Hey everyone, I'm sure there's been alot of the same question on this board from newbies, but I hope someone is reading. I recently decided to give up wheat/grains for a week to see if it would help me lose weight. It did btw, although I also cut sugar. On day 2 I had a pretty bad headache and felt almost flu-ey. I took painkillers and assumed it was withdrawal from sugar. By day four I felt AMAZING. Better than I can remember feeling in a long, long time. I had never cut wheat completely out of my diet before and suspected that was it. I had heard about gluten intolerance ofcourse but never in a million years did I think I might have issues with, it but now I'm not so sure. Some background, Im 37yo, I've been overweigth since age 7, when I started piling on weight despite a pretty wholesome, home-cooked diet. I did have a huge apetite for food though and was teased about it by my family - I was always hungry. I'd feel hungry so soon after eating that there was no way I was actually hungry lol... I had alot of headaches as a kid too. Migranes, where all sound and light and smell caused excruciating, throbbing pain. I got pretty severe period pain as a teenager, near passing out, unable to function, I would have diahhrea and vomit. This has followed me all my life. Overweight, feeling tired all the time, I never wake up feeling rested and full of energy, no matter how much sleep I get, I'm always tired, so tired theres always a dull ache. Most days I feel like my head is stuffed with cotton, I just can't seem to "wake up", I feel very groggy usually until after lunch time and be very tired again at 4pm. I have night sweats where I wake up completely soaking, also wake up frequently feeling dizzy. I'll have 'fits', usually in the evening where I feel really hot and really irritated (my sister teases me that i've going through menopause since I was 20!) I'm on and off anti-depressants, diagnosed with clinical anxiety, I have aches in my knees, calves and elbows. I've acne along my jawline since early 20-something. (magnesium&vitB seem to help that). I've always blamed my being overweight for all my complaints and just berate myself for being lazy and greedy and not being able to control my cravings. Lately I feel like the headaches and migraines are getting more frequent over the last year or and worryingly frequent diahhrea too, which starts with very painful cramps, similar to bad period cramps. I break out in cold sweat and feel weak and faint. This is then followed by much rumbling and what I can only describe as 'peeing through the wrong opening'! I'll feel tired afterwards and very thirsty. I have noticed that this happens during the weekends more and actually I do tend to eat more bread on weekends. Anyway, back to cutting the wheat out. On day 4 I felt amazing, I couldn't believe it. My stomach was 'quiet'... not constantly rumbling, constantly gassy and bloated and I felt awake and happy! On day 6 I had spagetti. The following morning I woke up with cramps and diahhrea. I cut out wheat again and felt great again. Everytime I go back to it now it seems I feel worse every time? I had pizza and two beers last saturday night and I felt completely exhausted the day after, headache and body aches, heart was pounding, felt i couldnt breathe deep enough and I now have an acne-covered jawline, the biggest breakout I've ever had btw. So my question is; does this sound like celiac or sensitivity or intolerance? I'm a bit confused about which is which, but I should I get tested for it just to be safe, right? Thanks so much for reading, love & light