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  1. It looks to me like your system is in high-reaction mode and you may be reacting to things you wouldn't normally. What I mean is - Our systems get hyper responsive if they have flared up often in quick succession. Example - I'm celiac and if I eat something that has gluten in it, I'm sensitive to things I wouldn't normally react to three days or more after the gluten reaction has settled down. I know how frustrating this can get - I've gone through it, too - Getting to the point that you don't know WHAT you can eat... I love cooking, too... Try to go a week or two with only simple food like steamed vegetables without sauces, grilled meat with little spice, lots of water and whole pieces of fruit - nothing canned or syrupy... It should give your body a chance to get out of its' hyper vigilance, I hope. Best of luck!!!